Handheld Apps

Below are the specs for your standard media ads within our mobile apps. We have additional rich media formats available. To preview these options and specs, click the link below. 

Link to Mobile Targeted Rich Media 


Ad Product Mobile Apps (Android & iPhone)
Standard Display Size 320x50 | 320x100 | 300x250
High Quality, Double Density/Retina Ad Size 640x100
Expanded Size Full Screen - Ad should Detect based on Device
Expanded Direction Up
Looping & Max. Length of Anim. 3 loop limit, 15 sec max
Max Video & Animation Frame Rate 24 fps
Max Initial Load File Size (k) 60k
Max Full Load File Size Flash/Rich Media (k) 100k
Subsequent Max Panel Load Size 200k
Max Polite File Load Size: HQ, Double Density/Retina 300k
Max User-Initiated File Load Size 500k (without video)
Max User-Initiated File Load Size: HQ, Double Density/Retina 500k (without video)
Max User-Initiated Additional Streaming File Size 2.2mb
Accepted formats Approved MRAID Vendor Tag
3rd Party Tags Accepted Yes, From Approved Vendors
3rd Party Tracking Accepted Yes
Audio Initiation User initiated: Tap
Video Length :30
Clickable Yes
Minimum Required Controls Close Button on any Expansion
Notes & Best Practices