Interstitial Advertising

Run of platform interstitials puts you in front of your audience no matter what device they are on. This product places the interstitial on any page within and PGA Tour Handheld Apps, with exception of the homepage, once every 4 hours for each user and is sold on an impression basis.


Overview - Interstitial Ad Unit:

• PGA TOUR reserves the right of final approval on creative assists.

• Please provide files for site serving 10 business days prior to campaign start to allow for technical QA, bug fixes, and creative review.

Behavior and Frequency Capping:

• An Interstitial ad is delivered to the user the first time they visit any page (except the home page) within on desktop, tablet and mobile break points.

• The interstitial is capped to only serve to the user 1 time per 4 hours.

• The interstitial will auto dissolve after 10 seconds. The interstitial will also have a “X” in the top right corner of the 600x400 image that a user can click on at any time to close the ad.

Creative Guidelines:

• Max Initial Load File Size: 60k

• Accepted formats: .png, .gif, .jpg

Ad Placement Name Destkop & Tablet Interstitial Mobile Interstitial
Ad Size 600x400 (1024x768 Tablet App) 300x250, 320x480
Max Initial Load File Size(k) 60k 60k
Max Full Load File Size Flash/Rich Media (k)/Double Density N/A 100k
Accepted formats GIF, JPG, PNG GIF, JPG, PNG
3rd Party Tags Accepted No No
3rd Party Tracking Accepted Yes Yes
Sound Allowed No No
Video Allowed No No