Feed Sponsorship

Featuring the TOUR feed of content, this is the place to see the latest of what is happening on the TOUR. This placement comprises your logo and a 300x600 banner. This sponsorship is sold on a flat rate with 100% share of voice.


Ad Placement Name Sponsorship Placements/Logo Desktop/Tablet Banners Standard Phone Banner
Ad Size N/A 300x600 320x50
Looping & Max. Length of Anim. N/A 3 loop limit, 15 sec max 3 loop limit, 15 sec max
Frames per Second N/A 24fps 24fps
Max Initial Load File Size(k) 40k 50k 50k
Max Full Load File Size Flash/Rich Media (k) N/A 100k (2.2MB for video) 30k
Accepted formats original .eps .gif/.jpeg, .swf, HTML5
.gif/.jpeg, .swf, HTML5
3rd Party Tags Accepted N/A Yes Yes
3rd Party Tracking Accepted Yes Yes Yes
Sound Allowed   Yes, on click N/A
Video Allowed N/A Yes, on click N/A
Notes PGATOUR.com will size the logo from the .eps file for all sponsorship positions. Client can supply a 1x1 & click-tag.