Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting enables you to deliver your ads to a specific type of visitor instead of a specific type of content. Instead of having to deploy run-of-site impressions alongside a sponsorship, you can now complement its custom experience with a targeted buy against a specific audience.


What is audience targeting?                                                

In an audience targeted campaign, the user, not the placement or context, is the key determinant of where the ad is served. Whether due to the age of the user or to his or her interests, browsing activity, etc., the ad is served in front of a given set of eyeballs, and not necessarily in a given site context.

Where does PGATOUR.COM get its audience data?                                                      

PGATOUR.COM captures many elements of its visitors’ behaviors and interactions while on the site. Each of these behaviors can be used as a trigger to place a visitor into a target audience segment. In addition, we can also layer in offsite attributes of its audience via 2nd and 3rd-party data aggregators such as eXelate and DataLogix. These attributes include user demographic, pshycographic, Purchase Intent data, Personality/Lifestyle, and interests.       

How much lead time would PGATOUR.COM need before an audience targeted campaign goes live?   

If the campaign targets existing 1st- and 3rd-party attributes, you won’t require more than an additional 24-48 hours. This is to ensure that PGATOUR.COM has time to build a segment that contains the right audience. For more custom audiences (data match with an advertiser, onboarding additional data), the advertiser should allow at minimum 4-6 weeks to both set up the audience and ensure that the campaign is delivering appropriately.