Audience Extension

With Audeince Extension you can retarget your ads to the TOUR audience that has already visited any of our PGA TOUR Digital platforms. We can serve ads to the TOUR audience as they browse pages across the web. 


What is audience extension?                                                     

Audience Extension allows you to reach your audience beyond PGA TOUR Digital platforms. Through audience extension, we track our website visitors, and then you can serve ads to that audience on different sites as they continue browsing the web.

What are the benefits of audience extension?                                                  

With audience extension, you can reach a specific audience that is of important interest to your brand, in greater numbers and with more frequency. You can serve those users, the PGA TOUR Digital audience, a higher quantity of ads across the web.  

What are your capabilities? 

We can retarget PGA TOUR digital plaform visitors as well as those that have been exposed to your advertisements on other sites. In addition to that, we have the capability to retarget visitors that clicked on your ad but did not convert or retarget those that were exposed to your ad but did not interact with it.