Native Advertising

Native advertising is highly flexible and can provide a beautiful, relevant, effective ad in any situation and on any device. We define “native” as component-based ads that are styled to match the content that surrounds it on 

The goal of Native Advertising campaigns is for advertisers to promote entertaining and relevant content, either an article or video, to the PGA TOUR audience. It is at the sole discretion of the PGA TOUR to review and approve all content promoted by Native ads. 


A native ad format is a set of variables and placements that comprises a native ad. Variables can be values such as headline, image, body, logo, call to action, etc. We then use these values as the components within the native ads placements. 

We take the native ad components that the advertiser provides and insert them into many different placement styles, depending on the type of device where the ad will appear, how the content on the page appears and the amount of space available. 

Native Ad Placements are available on the following pages: 

  1. Home Page - within Featured Content and PGA TOUR FEED
  2. News Articles -
    • Desktop Only - within the "MORE FROM PGA TOUR" list
    • Mobile Only - inline within the article text 
  3. Tournament Pages - within the TOURNAMENT FEED
  4. Player Pages - within the LATEST FEED
  5. News Page - 3rd Article listed (for non-video content only)

All of the ad components below are required and must be provided at specifications defined. 

Additional Details: 

  • Headlines over 35 characters may be cropped on some devices. 
  • Static Images only. 
  • It is not recommended that the Main Image consist of solely a logo or contain any copy as it may be partially covered on some ads. 
  • Images should not be divided into segments to appear like muliple ads.
  • Images should not contain components that imply functionality such as a call to action button. 
  • Avoid mostly white or black images as they blend into other nearby elements. 

Ad Headline Text 20-50 Characters n/a
Ad Description Text 20-150 Characters n/a
Main Image JPG 720x405 pixels 1 MB
Logo Transparent PNG 100x65 pixels 1 MB
Logo (reversed) Transparent PNG 100x65 pixels 1 MB
Landing Page URL Text up to 1000 characters n/a