Outstream Video

Outstream Video is a video unit that plays inline within content. This unit provides advertisers the ability to expand their video advertising beyond pre-roll with our innovative outstream video ad units. This ad is available within the Leaderboard Page as well as the Tournament Schedule page. Outstream Video is available cross platform including apps. 

MOBILE OUTSTREAM: Windowplay - View Demo Video

Gain all the brand building benefits of instant play video with the added bonus of complementary brand imagery and CTA overlay that hug your video. Your brand imagery is revealed bit by bit as customers scroll the page, creating the simulation of an image "behind" the page. Audio is only played when the user initiates the full-screen view. 

MOBILE OUTSTREAM: Hyperplay - View Demo Video

Users animate your video frame-by-frame as they scroll up and down the page. When the user stops scrolling your video is triggered to instantly play. A persistent CTA overlay provides additional branding opportunities. Audio is only played when the user initiates the full-screen view. 

DESKTOP OUTSTREAM: InRead - View Demo Video

InRead champions the user experience with viewable and non-intrusive video advertising on Desktop and across our responsive website. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Outstream Video units must be built bythe PGA TOUR with assets provided by the advertiser that meet the specs outlined below. Required time for creative build, testing and trafficking is 15 business days. 


Specs Outstream Video
Video Min Width 480
Video Min Height 270
Video Ration 16:9
Max Video Size Limit 5MB
Video Format MP4 (all platforms) or VAST(for responsive web only)
Max Video Length 30 seconds
3rd Party Click Tracker Yes
3rd Party 1x1 Impression Tracker (optional) Yes
Call To Action Text (Mobile Hyperplay only) Max 13 Characters
Description Text (Mobile Hyperplay only) Max 60 Characters
Overlay Logo (Mobile Windowplay only) 252x240px | 50KB
Background Image (Mobile Windowplay only) 540x608px | 200KB