Parallax Reveal

The Parallax Reveal is a HTML5 cross-platform, responsive ad unit. It consist of multiple layers with different re-arranging foreground and background elements when the user scrolls up and down the Leaderboard page as well as when the size of the page changes. The ad uses a parallax effect so that different layers appear to move at different rates to create an enhanced 3d animation.  



  • The responsive ad unit extends from edge-to-edge within the PGA Tour's Leaderboard page. 
  • Viewed at full-size on a desktop screen, the unit is 1320 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall. 
  • This ad dynamically re-sizes to become as small as 320x170 when viewed within a smartphone browser. 
  • Backup images of 970x90, 728x90 and 320x50 should be provided. 
  • Due to the complexity of this ad format, Parallax ads must be built in house by the PGA TOUR. 
  • Please note: Parallax units may include video, animated backgrounds and complex background/foreground layering interactions. As such, the guidelines below are generalized. Different asset delivery and timelines may apply.
  • Timelines: Fifteen working days from client assets delivery to launch is required. This includes two rounds of client review.
  • Client Asset Delivery: Please provide a layered Adobe Photoshop document that includes all images needed for final production. In general, that includes a background image; a left or right image or logo; a call to action, and a parallax layers.
  • Please also provide any font files needed, along with any uncompressed .mov files if video is included. Please provide animation direction via a movie or Flash file to communicate the parallax action desired.
  • Audio/Video Controls:  Audio must be user-initiated on click and include a "Mute" button. Video may be user-initiated or auto-play, and must have volume muted.  Video must also include "Play" and "Stop" buttons.

Ad Size Responsive size from 1320x400 to 320x170
Max Initial Load File Size(k) 200kb
Host-initiated Subload 1 MB
Max No. File Requests Not to exceed 15 file requests during initial file load and host-initiated subload. Unlimited file requests allowed after user-interaction.
Accepted formats


3rd Party Tags Accepted No
3rd Party Tracking Accepted Yes
Audio Notes

Must be user-initiated. To allow for audio initiation in videos without player controls, a control may be included for user to initiate audio.

Video Notes

--  Video may omit controls until user initiates interaction. Upon user interaction, video controls must include Play, Pause, Mute or volume control to zero (0) output for videos that expand out of initial ad upon interaction. For auto play videos that play in banner only Mute or volume control to zero(0) is required.
 --  To improve performance and reduce file size, use control attributes in the HTML5 video tag for controls instead of providing custom assets for displaying controls.

HTML5 Notes:   -- File weight calculation:  All files for the ad (.html, .js, .css, images, etc.) must be included as part of the maximum file weight calculation for all file load limits. Shared libraries are also included as part of the file weight calculation unless otherwise exempted. File weights are calculated after files have been compressed into gzip format (see note 7).
 -- Initial file load: Includes all assets and files necessary for completing first visual display of the Ad.
 -- Host-initiated subload: where allowed, additional files may load one second after the browser domContentLoadedEventEnd event. The ad should be able to "listen" for the browser domContentLoadedEventEnd event before subsequent files beyond the initial max file size may be loaded.
 -- User-initiated file size: Ads that allow additional file size for host-initiated subload also allow for unlimited file load after user-initiated interaction. User initiation is the willful act of a user to engage with an ad. Users may interact by clicking or tapping the ad, and/or rolling over an ad (or a portion of an ad).  -- Ad file compression: Ads should be compressed before being served to a site. The most universally compatible format for file compression in transit over the Internet is gzip.
General Notes:   -- Interest-Based Advertising (IBA): Include IBA self-regulation controls for ads using behavioral targeting (5 KB max file size)
 -- Hotspot: Not to exceed 1/4 size of ad. Initiated when cursor rests on hotspot for at least 1 sec. Must NOT initiate audio.
 -- Defining ad space: Ad unit content must be clearly distinguishable from normal webpage content (ad unit must have clearly defined borders and not be confused with normal page content).
 -- Max CPU: ad not to exceed 30% CPU usage during host-initiated execution. - See more at: