A unique expandable unit in that it expands from the side of the screen, pushing content to the side and allowing for a large branded, interactive advertising experience. The base unit for the Sidekick is a 300x250, or a 300x600. Clicking on the base unit will expand the Sidekick panel. The ad space can allow for photo galleries, video, mini-games, and other integrated interactive apps.


Ad Size 300x250 | 300x600
Looping & Max. Length of Anim. :15 sec max
Frames per Second 24fps
Max Initial Load File Size(k) 200 KB
Host Initiated Subload File Size 300 KB
Host Initiated Video  1.1 MB
Z-Index Range  5,000 - 1,999,999
Accepted formats Panel: Layered PSDs built to size or fla's & swf's (both fla & swf needed together) | Video: MOV, MP4/H.264 
3rd Party Tags Accepted Yes
3rd Party Tracking Accepted Yes
Sound Allowed Yes, user initiated only
Video Allowed Yes
Notes →Default Format: 300x600 or 300x250 (.jpg or .gif)
  →CTA: Include a "Click to Learn More" type CTA
  →Video: SideKick should be designed with an area reserved for video. Must have coding for player controls (minimum of stop/play, mute/unmute). Video files cannot be third-party served. Limit to :15 forced (if in first content module), 2 minutes user-initiated.
  -->Close X on expanded Sidekick that closes and returns user to publisher page content User-initiated expand control in the in-page
  See list of approved vendors for this ad unit.  Other vendors can be certified upon request and time allowed for certification.
  For more information, including style guides please visit:

General HTML5 Ad Requirements (Apply to all ads):

Video Notes: