This type of expansion affects the entire unit. A teaser image/swf is shown until the user hovers over/clicks on the expansion button. The full unit then slides downward into view from the edge of the teaser to expose full size creative. 



Pushdowns trafficked as homepage and leaderboard roadblocks, or as part of leaderboard first-look, should auto-expand upon initial load of ad first-view.

Users initially experience a 970x90 creative, which expands vertically downward to 970x415, pushing down the content below. 

The expanded view initiates immediately upon page load and should last for a maximum of 8 seconds, before resolving into leave-behind banner of 970x90. The ad creative may auto-expand for 8 seconds but must collapse on the 9th second.

Auto-expansion should be frequency capped at once per unique user, extending for 12 hours.

Subsequent expansion must be user-initiated on-click or 2 second hover.

User-initiated expansion may remain open without auto-collapse.


Back Up Image: 970x90 (or 728x90, if desired) back up image should be provided. This file can be a JPG, PNG or GIF. 

Close Button must be present at all times to allow the site visitor full control over the ad experience.  

Open/Expand Button or some call to re-expand the ad should be included to maximize the benefit of the ad.

Users normally know to look at top, right corner for collapse and expand buttons.

Audio:  Must be user-initiated on click and include a "Mute" button

Video:  May be user-initiated or auto-play; if auto-play video cannot exceed 30 seconds, and must have volume muted; must include "Play" and "Stop" buttons. 

See additional HTML5 guidelines below. 

Ad Size 970x90
Expanded Size 970x415
Expanded Direction Down
Looping & Max. Length of Anim. :15 sec max
Frames per Second 24fps
Max Initial Load File Size(k) 200 KB
Host Initiated Subload File Size 300 KB
Host Initiated Video  1.1 MB
Z-Index Range  0 - 4,999
Accepted formats Image: HTML5, SWF, JPG, GIF | Video: MP4/H.264 
3rd Party Tags Accepted Yes
3rd Party Tracking Accepted Yes
Sound Allowed Yes, user initiated only
Video Allowed Yes
Notes →On first visit (page load of www.pgatour.com); users experience a fully-expanded unit for a maxium of 8 seconds.
  →The Homepage Expandable (“HPE”) unit animates and pushes down the page for a maximum of 8 seconds before resolving into leave-behind banner.
  →The HPE is frequency capped. It appears auto-expanded once for a single user every 12 hours.
  →Must clearly define "Open/Close click buttons. 
  →Video: Panel should be designed with an area reserved for video. Must have coding for player controls (minimum of stop/play, mute/unmute). Video files cannot be third-party served.
  For more information, see the IAB Style Guide: https://www.iab.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/IAB_970x90_style_guide_v3.pdf

General HTML5 Ad Requirements (Apply to all ads):

Video Notes: