My husband, the TOUR pro: Patrick Reed

Justine was on her husband's bag when they won the Wyndham Championship.
August 28, 2013

Nobody knows the PGA TOUR pros better than their wives. PGATOUR.COM has asked several TOUR wives to provide 18 things we should know about their husbands. This installment was written by Justine Reed, wife -- and caddie -- of PGA TOUR member Patrick Reed.

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By Justine Reed, special to PGATOUR.COM

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HOW WE MET: My husband and I met through my sister, Kris Karain. They were good friends at University High Lab School in Baton Rouge, La., and Patrick was persistent in meeting Kris’s older, more educated, athletic sister. (LOL!) The first time I met him, I remember thinking he was very pure of heart and someone who might be able to change me.

I fell in love with his humor and his personality. At the time, I was completely dedicated to school-working on a dual bachelor’s degree in Nursing and Health Administration, and when I wasn’t doing that I was working in the Emergency Room (ER) at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital so I didn’t have much time for anything, much less a full-time relationship, and neither did he. Patrick had just transferred from University of Georgia to Augusta State University where his team ended up winning back-to-back NCAA Championships.

So both of us were very busy, and very dedicated to our own futures. After winning the second NCAA Championship, Patrick turned professional and so did I. I graduated with both of my bachelor’s degrees and started working as a registered nurse (RN) and a few months later, Patrick decided to move to Houston and that is truly all she wrote. I realized that I found someone who works as hard as I do, is dedicated, motivated, and tough. Sometimes, tougher than I am -- which I think is what I fell in love with first.

He is the sweetest man I’ve ever met and I feel like we are both very lucky to have found each other and are able to spend our lives together. We were engaged on Jan. 9, 2012, and were married on Dec. 21,2012.

18 Things about Reed
His perfect night would include: a cigar, great bottle of wine and a steak dinner, medium-rare of course!  
The first thing he does in the morning is turn on ESPN and watch SportsCenter, unless it is a tournament day in which he watches the European Tour on Golf Channel.  
Our favorite day is Monday; we played our way into six of eight Monday qualifiers last year, made it through q-school on a Monday, and actually happened to get engaged on a Monday.  
Anytime anyone uses the expression, “knock on wood,” he always knocks on my head!  
Every time we come home, he looks forward to playing for the “World’s Golf Championship,” with Jim Dickson, Director of Golf at The Woodlands Country Club.   
He loves to grill and make his own marinades.  
He is very superstitious; I had to have pizza every single day of the week during Pebble Beach, because it was good “juju.”  
He can’t go to sleep unless all the doors in a room are shut.  
We travel with “little Teddy,” our energetic, hysterical teddy bear I bought him for Valentine’s Day. Teddy has made his own videos to send to his agent, made appearances in the bag, and is currently grounded in the hotel room.  
His favorite movie is "Jerry McGuire".  
His favorite shoes are a pair of black cowboy boots he wore for our wedding.  
I personally give him all of his haircuts, but he always asks to make an appointment! My response, “I’m booked solid.”  
One of his biggest dreams is to design his own course, he loves to come up with ideas and different ways to improve courses or make it more challenging.  
We currently spend a lot of our free time at Horseshoe Bay, Texas, where we both enjoy the lake and watersports.  
He is great with babies and children and cannot wait until we have our own. He was nicknamed “the baby whisperer” during a road trip this year on the player’s charter from AT&T National to Greenbrier.  
His suitcase is always perfect, each compartment is specific for clothing, accessories, and shoes, but he never manages to bring enough shirts.  
On college football game days, he always wears a Fighting Irish sweatshirt for good luck, and we spend those days flipping between LSU and Notre Dame football.  
Won his first PGA TOUR event at the Wyndham Championship, and was ready to get back to work by Monday morning.  
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