My fiancee, the TOUR pro: Scott Langley

Courtesy of Scott Langley
Scott Langley and his fiancee Kristy Morris. The two are planning their October wedding.
August 13, 2013

Nobody knows the PGA TOUR pros better than their wives. PGATOUR.COM has asked several TOUR wives to provide 18 things we should know about their husbands. This installment was written by Kristy Morris, fiancee of PGA TOUR member Scott Langley.

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By Kristy Morris, special to PGATOUR.COM

25th anniversary

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HOW WE MET: Scott and I met while I was living in New York and working in the golf division at Ralph Lauren in 2012. At the time, RLX was sponsoring Scott and he was invited to our VIP event in West Palm Beach, Fla. Scott and I chatted throughout the evening of the event and my co-workers began to believe he had a crush on me. I just remember Scott being incredibly polite, engaging and super cute.

Over the next couple of days, the RL crew headed to Orlando to prepare for the PGA Merchandise show. Scott and I texted a couple times and by the end of the week Scott showed up at our booth. That evening he stuck around and had drinks with all of us. At the end of the night, Scott asked to walk me back to my room. When we got to the door he asked to kiss me and I began laughing ... he made me feel like a kid, in a good way. We kissed that night and began our incredible friendship and romance.

Golf was still new for me, as I was learning so much by working in that division at RL. But being with Scott, I definitely had a crash course. Our first summer as a couple, I actually worked the U.S. Open in San Francisco while Scott was playing. Each tournament that Scott played taught me some new rule or terminology.

Scott and I made the best of our long-distance relationship and after eight months of dating and falling madly in love, Scott proposed.

At the end of the year Scott got his PGA TOUR card through Q-School. We are now traveling together during his rookie year and planning our wedding in October in Santa Barbara, Calif.

18 Things about Langley
Scott does not like coffee and loves fresh pressed juice. Kale especially.  
Will only wear Lululemon underwear. He patiently waits for them to make new colors.  
Whistles from the side of his mouth.  
Always says "i love you" to his best friend, Chris Deforest, when they hang up the phone.  
Has a great impression of a manatee voice. If you see him please ask him to do it for you.  
My first gift to Scott was a elephant stuffed animal so that he would haven something to cuddle with while we lived long distance. Mr. Elephant now travels with us everywhere we go.  
Favorite snack is PB&J and would probably eat 12 cookies at a time if I didn't give him "the eye."  
Absolutely loves to go to bed early.  
Slightly addicted to Twitter. By slightly, I mean completely! (Follow @Scott_Langley)
Has the biggest heart and is the most nonjudgmental person I know.
Steals the blanket, pillows and bed space every night.  
Has a 2002 Highlander with 185,000 miles. He is anxiously waiting to purchase his first and very hard-earned luxury car, an X5.  
Plays solitaire on his iPad in bed every night.  
Favorite show is the hilarious "Modern Family." Scott is the twin of Phil, so it hits home.  
When Scott and I were first dating I called him once to find out he was sipping on red wine and watching The Bachelor with Cameron Tringale.  
One thing Scott doesn't like about being a pro golfer on TOUR is not being able to have a dog.  
Scott's good luck charm is love notes from me that he keeps in his golf bag.
Scott grew up playing the violin and I'm still working on him playing it for me at our wedding in October. Fingers crossed!  
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