My husband, the TOUR pro: Steve LeBrun

Courtesy of Jen LeBrun
July 09, 2013

Nobody knows the PGA TOUR pros better than their wives. PGATOUR.COM has asked several TOUR wives to provide 18 things we should know about their husbands. This installment was written by Jen LeBrun, wife of PGA TOUR member Steve LeBrun.

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By Jen LeBrun, Special to PGATOUR.COM

25th anniversary

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HOW WE MET: Steve and I knew of each other growing up. His parents were good friends with my aunt and uncle and my parents. I don’t ever remember actually officially meeting him. It was always assumed we knew each other.

While growing up we would see each other at church and weddings. In my memory, our first real contact was at my cousin’s wedding. I was 16 and he was 19. Our moms set us up to dance. A good try on our mom’s part but Steve and I were at different stages in our life, him in college and I in high school, so nothing ever came about at the time. Five years later at my other cousin’s wedding, we saw each other again. This time I was 21 and in college, he was 24 and a professional golfer. I remember saying to him, “So you are a pro golfer? Do you know Tiger Woods?!” I didn’t know much about golf. It was his third season as a professional golfer, playing and traveling on the NGA Hooters Tour at the time. He was leaving for a tournament the next day but a couple of my cousins and I were going out for drinks after the wedding and asked him to come along. He went home to finish packing and then ended up meeting up with us. There was interest, we exchanged emails, and communicated for a month or so, but I actually had a boyfriend at the time so the emails kind of fizzled away.

The following year I graduated college and came home. Steve was home playing on the Golden Bear Tour, a local mini-tour. My sister, cousin and I were getting together to go out for the night and my cousin mentioned it to her mom. Her mom was actually out with Steve’s mom. His mom told my cousin that he was home and to give him a call. So she did. (Steve told me, some time after, that he had a talk with his mom the next day, to NEVER tell a girl that he was sitting at home doing nothing … haha). Steve met us at my cousin's and drove us. He was always in the back of my mind and he seemed like the perfect guy for me, but I wanted to play it cool and strongly told my cousin that I wasn’t sitting in the front seat. We had a fun night and, needless to say, I sat in the front seat on the way home.

We exchanged numbers and a couple of days later I called him to go to a movie with me. We started officially dating shortly after that. The timing was finally right. Nine months later we were engaged and nine months after that we were married.

Now eight years married with two beautiful daughters, we have finally achieved the dream of a PGA TOUR card at the PGA TOUR Q-school in 2012, when he tied for second. It’s been a long, rough road to get here, battling injuries, off and on Tour to mini-tours, and part-time jobs to make ends meet. But I fell in love with a man with a passion and a will to never give up and he is such an inspiration to me.

18 things about LeBrun
His favorite TV show is Seinfeld. Even though he has seen every episode, he laughs like it’s the first time. He’s always quoting the show.
His dream foursome would be with Ray Allen, Jerry Seinfeld and Howard Stern.
His favorite quick restaurants are Chipotle, Cosi, Firehouse Subs and Zaxbys.  He always eats at least one of these per week while traveling.    
He breaks the record every time he plays the basketball free-throw arcade game.
He drives a mini-van.  
He will not walk on hotel floors barefoot. He always wears sandals.  
His college golf friends once told me that he would line the drawers in hotels with towels before putting in his clothes.  
Our 3-year-old daughter, Addison, is in love with puppies. Her favorite is Pluto. This past Halloween he dressed up as Mickey for her.  
When he played Little League baseball, he was a switch-hitter and pitched two no-hitters.  
He takes his meals seriously. He has a pattern. If it’s hot food, it has to be hot or his meal is ruined.  
He’s really good at impersonations.  
Mary Poppins has been playing in our home at least once a day.  He now knows every song and even sings them in an English accent.  
He is constantly hot and I am constantly cold. It is an interesting battle of the thermostat in the car, house and hotel rooms.  
When Addison rolled over onto her stomach for the first time as an infant, Steve stayed up all night hovering over her crib to make sure she was breathing.  
Though they always make him cry, he’s a Miami Dolphins fan.  
His father was a captain of a drift fishing boat. While we were dating, Steve would tell me how he loved going out on the boat with his dad and was always the first to catch a fish. But, he would always get a little seasick. So, he took me on the boat one day. And sure enough as soon as we were able to drop a line, he caught that first fish but spent the rest of the time on the other side of the boat, seasick! The rest of the trip ended up being a good bonding experience between his dad and me.  
He is a hands-on, very involved father. He changes diapers and takes the night shift.  I tease him and say he’s the fun parent. When he has bath duty, he is just as wet as the girls by the time they are done.
He is a man of faith. He puts his trust in the Lord and knows that God has a plan for him, bigger and better then he could ever plan for himself.
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