My husband, the TOUR pro: David Hearn

Courtesy of Heather Hearn
Heather Hearn with her husband, David, and their daughter, Ella.
July 23, 2013

Nobody knows the PGA TOUR pros better than their wives. PGATOUR.COM has asked several TOUR wives to provide 18 things we should know about their husbands. This installment was written by Heather Hearn, wife of PGA TOUR member David Hearn.

By Heather Hearn, Special to PGATOUR.COM

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HOW WE MET: In 2004 I moved home from university for the summer to work and to save some money. I had always held a job working for my parents in our family retail business. Change was on the horizon, as I decided the summer would be best spent working at the local country club. Zooming around a golf cart for the summer and enjoying the outdoors seemed like a great idea for a 19-year-old!

My resume was looked over and with my abundant retail experience they placed me to work in the pro shop -- and so I did, one fateful day meeting a shy but frequent name on the tee sheet: David Hearn.

At the time he was a quiet guy that spent a lot of time in the pro shop before and after practice or playing 18. He certainly caught my eye, and I remember girls from the dining rooms always coming in to ask if he was on the tee sheet and if he would be there for lunch.

One night we were out with mutual friends from the golf course I asked Dave for his number. He said no, which horrified me. He then asked for my number and my heart sank that he would take it and not call. But he did call and we ended up spending the summer nights dating in between weeks he played on the Canadian Tour (now PGA TOUR Canada).

The end of the summer arrived and that brought the beginning of a new school year. I went back to University in Toronto and we began our long distance relationship while he played his way around the Tour. We made many cross-border visits and did our best to make our relationship grow.

Eight months after we met I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Even becoming a new PGA TOUR member Dave found ways to be there for me when he couldn't always physically be home during my treatment and recovery. It was a test of our relationship, especially a long-distance one.

I'll never forget my mum saying, "He is the man for you. After I saw the ways he took care of you in your weakest life moment, I never had a doubt."

And neither did I. We continued our relationship and were engaged in September of 2009. Dave planned a sweet surprise proposal that involved kayaking, a rock island, red wine and a perfect sunset. We were married the following September.

Just one year ago we welcomed a tiny little baby girl into our lives. Ella has changed our world and she is the absolute apple of her daddy’s eye. The life of a traveling TOUR family is anything buy typical, but it's our life, and it's an amazing journey that we wouldn't trade for anything!

18 things about Hearn
The Hearn grocery list for a typical week on the road: one loaf of 12-grain bread, one jar of PB, a box of Wheat Thins, Vitamin Water, and usually a sweet treat or gummy candy. Repeat…every week on TOUR.
He is incredibly patient. One of the first things I noticed about Dave and mentioned to his mom was how cool and level he is. He is calculated and thoughtful on and off the course.
Dave won't have anything to do with mayo, lettuce or red sauce.
His go-to outfit: jeans or cargo shorts and a graphic T-shirt. He rarely goes without socks, but I love it when he wears his Toms!
He is VERY organized and neat.
Dave can't resist pillow fights with our 1-year-old daughter before bedtime. He winds her up and I usually settle her down. He’s a really fun dad!
He cooks a mean grilled cheese.
He really looks forward to "relaxing" during off weeks. However, they ALWAYS end up filled with little projects around the house - he's a doo-er!
David refuses to have a TV in our bedroom because he doesn't want it to feel like a hotel room.
His first car was a yellow 1973 VW Beetle. He even drove it out to the University of Wyoming.
"Anchorman" and "Slap Shot" are his favorite movies.
David doesn't mind doing laundry; he just doesn't like to fold it.
Tim Horton's chocolate chip muffins are a breakfast staple when we are home in Canada.  Our daughter Ella even gets to share a little with him now!
David loves to watch "Deadliest Catch." Expect him to be watching Tuesday evenings in the summer.
Even though the Toronto Maple Leafs have not won the Stanley Cup since before Dave was born, he still loves the Leafs and watching hockey.
David became a certified lifeguard growing up, but rarely swims. The summer he met my family we were down on the cottage dock in our swimsuits. My dad shouted "David take that white shirt off." Poor guy -- he didn't have a white shirt on, just a golf tan.
I've never been guided down a wrong path when I've followed his advice. David has great instincts.
When he wants to take an afternoon nap … he turns golf on.
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