My husband, the TOUR pro: William McGirt

William and Sarah McGirt fell in love while attending college at Wofford. (Courtesy of Sarah McGirt)

Nobody knows the PGA TOUR pros better than their wives. PGATOUR.COM has asked several TOUR wives to provide 18 things we should know about their husbands. This installment was written by Sarah McGirt, wife of PGA TOUR member William McGirt.

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By Sarah McGirt, Special to PGATOUR.COM

HOW WE MET: William and I met while we were both attending Wofford College in Spartanburg, S.C. We lived in the same dorm and I passed his room every time I entered the building. We ended up meeting through one of my sorority sisters and had our first real date on March 2, 2001. He was a senior and I was a sophomore. We never talked about being a couple; we both just knew from the first date that we weren't going to be seeing anyone else ever again. He left for a golf tournament in Florida the day after our first date. He told me he wanted me to have his "calling card number," so I could call him while he was away with the team. I knew that meant we must be serious! We laugh now because that makes us feel so old! That was before everyone had international plans on their cell phones.

William proposed to me at The Grove Park Inn on Jan. 2, 2003 during my senior year of college. He says he had been planning that for years. The date is the reverse of our first date. We were married on May 29, 2004.

William turned professional the week before we got married. We honeymooned on Cape Cod and then he moved to Myrtle Beach, S.C., with a friend for three months to play a summer series on the Gateway Tour. I stayed in Spartanburg, S.C., and began a 7 1/2-year career with adidas. After stints on mini tours and the Tour, William secured his PGA TOUR card at Q-School in 2010. He drove home from Q-School and asked me to quit my job and travel with him. I have been traveling with him ever since.

We welcomed our first child, Miles Cameron "Mac" McGirt, on Jan. 2 of this year. Seeing William with Mac everyday reaffirms why I fell in love with him years ago. I couldn't ask for a better daddy for my little boy! I love our little family so much! I thank God every day for William & Mac and the life we have built together.

Our life has been a crazy, wonderful, unpredictable adventure and I wouldn't change a minute of it!

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18 things about McGirt
His favorite color is green, and he always wears a green shirt on Sunday.
He pays tribute to me in little ways all the time. An example was when he won the Cardinal Amateur in 2003 and was asked if he wanted to change out of his sweaty clothes before the trophy presentation. He replied to the Tournament Director, "No, my girlfriend loves this outfit."
William and I fight over who gets to get Mac out of his crib in the mornings. I usually let William do it. He says it's the best part of his day.
His favorite sport to watch on TV is college baseball. He used to go to Florida State baseball camp in the summers, so he is a big fan.
He has used the same divot tool for the past 12 years. Its old, rusty and is carefully located on the desk each night beside my wedding rings so he knows were it is.
He would drive to every PGA TOUR event if it was feasible. He loved driving on mini-tours and the Tour. He drives to about 6 events a year on the PGA TOUR.
William had baseball and golf scholarships to college. His position was catcher on the baseball team, and he reads his putts like he is catching a baseball. His putt-reading stance is probably the No. 1 thing I hear spectators comment on when I am watching him play golf. No. 2 would be that his hair is too long.
Although he sweats, he loves hot, humid, steamy weather.
He always has about three dollars in quarters in his pocket.
William loves "Law & Order," and luckily there is usually a marathon on some station for him to watch.
He is really good at wood-working. He made me a mahogany quilt rack the first Christmas we were married.
William used to keep his hair buzzed. He started growing it out for me in college to prove to me that it was curly. He's kept it pretty long since college because he knows I love it and to keep the sun off of his ears.
He loves to practice more than he likes playing 18 holes. If he could find a way to get paid to practice, he would do it!
He doesn't have the attention span to watch a movie with me. He may have watched a total of 10 movies in the 12 years we have been together.
Even though the Carolina coasts have some great vacation spots. He is not a fan of the beach. Our vacations are usually to colder temperatures.
He is extremely good with numbers and math. He used to enjoy helping me with my calculus homework in college. It amazes me how much he can do in his head without writing anything down.
He is a meticulous packer. He rolls every item in his suitcase with precision and always offers to help me pack my suitcase and our little boy's bags.
He is really looking forward to the offseason when our little boy will be dedicated at church.
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