My son, the TOUR pro: Matt Kuchar

May 11, 2013

Editor's note: Matt Kuchar and his mom, Meg, are featured in a Mother's Day vignette filmed by PGA TOUR Entertainment. Earlier this week, Meg gave PGATOUR.COM a list of 18 things we don't know about her son, which you'll see below.  

By Meg Kuchar, Special to PGATOUR.COM

18 things about Matt Kuchar
The name Matthew came from his father's grandparents, whose last name was Matthews.
When Matt was born, the doctor thought his fingers were perfect for playing the piano.
He chickened out as 3-year-old ring bearer for his Uncle Hank and Aunt Sandy -- but stole all the hearts of the crowd anyway.
He was always the favorite of his teachers and coaches.
He started playing for the Hurricanes when he was 5 years old.
He throws right and bats lefty.
He once wanted to be a tennis pro, then hoped to play basketball professionally.
His paternal grandfather is known as Big Kuch. He made a toast after Matt had played a great amateur tournament in the summer of '97 to Matt playing in the Masters -- and this was right before he won the U.S. Amateur which got him there.
He discovered golf when he was 11 and his mom upgraded the family's membership at Heathrow Country Club from tennis to golf.
He played varsity golf when he was in middle school.
He got two baseballs at Fenway Park on his eighth birthday and has been a Red Sox fan ever since.
He keeps his inner child alive and well by playing with his kids and always keeping an eye out for kids who need a smile.
His parents raised a black lab named Spirit for the K9s for Warriors.
He has had a racehorse and a service dog named Kuch.
He supports Ronald McDonald House Charities of Jacksonville and Camp Twin Lakes, among others.
He and his wife were great friends before they fell in love.
He is truly thankful to be doing what he loves for a living.
His sister Rebecca is married to winemaker Patrick Krutz of Krutz Family Cellars.