My son, the TOUR pro: Jim Furyk

May 11, 2013

Editor's note: Jim Furyk and his mom, Linda, are featured in a Mother's Day vignette filmed by PGA TOUR Entertainment. Earlier this week, Linda gave PGATOUR.COM a list of 18 things we don't know about her son, which you'll see below.  

By Linda Furyk, Special to PGATOUR.COM

18 things about Jim Furyk
Until the other kids caught-up, Jim was always big for his age. In fact, his first day of first grade, the teacher thought he was in the wrong classroom.
From ages 5 to 8, Jim loved watching reruns of “The Lone Ranger." No matter what he was doing, he’d stop for a half hour to watch.
He was given a puppy for his seventh birthday that he named Snoopy. They literally grew up together. Snoopy lived for 18 years.
Growing up, he would rather be outdoors playing than watching TV. (Except for a half hour of “The Lone Ranger," of course.)
As long as he had any ball in his hands, he was happy. From an early age, he was very coordinated.
Jim also has always been highly competitive. He hates to lose. I can remember once I beat him in miniature golf. Wow, was he upset!
He swam the breast stroke on the local YMCA 10-and-under medley relay team that broke a national record.
Jim played quarterback on the local midget football team until the age of 13. He was entering high school and had to choose between football and golf which were both fall sports. Obviously, he made the right choice.
I think Jim really became serious about golf his sophomore year of high school. He decided to quit the baseball team then because it would interfere with what he wanted to accomplish in golf.
But he continued to play basketball throughout high school. Other than golf, I think basketball is his favorite sport.
Jim completed his degree in business from the University of Arizona while he was preparing for PGA TOUR q-school. He earned a conditional card on what is now the Tour and the rest is history.
Like me, he is very quiet, shy and sensitive. He might seem too serious at times, but he has a great sense of humor. He can really make you laugh.
Jim enjoys cooking, especially on the grill. He makes his own rub for an awesome prime rib.
When he’s at home, he likes having friends over to hang out, watch sports and play pool.
He also likes to relax and fish on his boat with his father.
Jim is a great family man. He loves nothing more than to spend time and play with his kids.
Jim donates a lot of his time to charity events. He and his wife Tabitha also have a foundation that raises and donates a lot of money to local charities.
Needless to say, I am very proud of him.  What I’m most proud of is the man, husband and father he is. With all of his success, he has never changed. Looking back, I couldn’t have asked for a better son.