My son, the TOUR pro: Keegan Bradley

May 09, 2013

Editor's note: Keegan Bradley and his mom, Kaye, are featured in a Mother's Day vignette filmed by PGA TOUR Entertainment. Earlier this week, Kaye gave PGATOUR.COM a list of 18 things we don't know about her son, which you'll see below.  

By Kaye Bradley, Special to PGATOUR.COM

18 things about Keegan Bradley
Keegan adores his nephew Aiden and considers him his lucky charm.
His first-grade teacher wrote this on his report card: "Socially, Keegan gets along with everyone! Occasionally he needs to be reminded of our rules, as he can get silly with his peers at times!"
Keegan LOVES lobster and has been known to eat five or six at one sitting.
Keegan loves to fish, too. At a very young age he used to hide a telescopic rod in his golf bag to fish in the river at the 13th hole at Woodstock Country Club in Vermont.
When he was 11, Keegan caught a HUGE fish at his dad's course and brought it back to the pro shop wrapped up in his golf shirt -- which was covered in fish slime.
Keegan started to ski at 19 months old. 
Keegan had his first ski race at Killington, Vt., at age 6 and came in second.
Keegan won his first golf tournament at York Country Club (The Bracy Tournament) at the age of 7 and his Grandpa Hansen was his caddy.
When they were little, Keegan let his little sister sleep in his bed when she was scared. 
To this day, Keegan roughs up his sister when they are together!
Keegan walked 2 miles home from the second day of first grade because he forgot that his mom told him to take the bus! She found him walking along the road singing!
Keegan wore a jacket and tie with shorts and golf shoes to his Junior prom.
Keegan played the saxophone and was in the jazz band in elementary school.
When he was 3, Keegan was the ring bearer at his aunt and uncle’s wedding. He had a melt down and almost didn’t walk down the aisle!
Keegan missed his bus stop one day in elementary school. The driver found him sound asleep a couple miles down the road and brought him back home.
Ten years ago this winter Keegan helped his high school ski team to a second-place finish at Okemo Mountain in Vermont. His coach said his performance rivaled anything he had ever seen from Bode Miller! Keegan came tearing down the course and shinned a gate just above his boots that sent him flying almost parallel to the ground. But he managed to stay on his feet which landed him in fourth place overall.
At age 11, Keegan tried and failed to start a shoe-shine business at his dad’s golf course.
From a very young age, Keegan was always willing to pick up a golf game with anyone, young or old. He would play for a Coca-Cola.