My husband, the TOUR pro: Carl Pettersson

Courtesy of DeAnna Pettersson
February 12, 2013

Nobody knows the PGA TOUR pros better than their wives. PGATOUR.COM has asked several TOUR wives to provide 18 things we should know about their husbands. This installment was written by DeAnna Pettersson, wife of five-time PGA TOUR winner Carl Pettersson.

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By DeAnna Pettersson, Special to PGATOUR.COM

25th anniversary

The PGA TOUR Wives released a commemorative book. Story

HOW WE MET: Carl and I met while out with mutual friends one night just before graduation from N.C. State. When we first met, I thought Carl had already graduated, but he was actually going through q-school in Europe. I asked, “So, what do you do?” He replied, “I play golf,” and I said, “Yes, but what do you do for money?” Oops. It took me a few dates to live that down. I had just never known anyone who was actually a professional athlete. Everyone I knew played their sport in college then went on to get regular 9-to-5 jobs and play on recreational leagues.  

We spent the next two years long-distance dating. I’d keep the cell phone next to the bed at all times hoping for the 3 a.m. phone call from Malaysia or South Africa or Europe. If I got two minutes on the phone with him, I was over the moon! Calling international -- and especially from a cell phone -- was outrageously expensive at that time. Carl would come back to the U.S. for his weeks off – we’d date every night for a week then he’d be back on the road for six more weeks. When Carl got his PGA TOUR card in 2002, we got engaged and I quit my job in sales and started traveling with him. We will celebrate 10 years of marriage this year at the PGA Championship.

Today, we are fortunate that the mutual friend who introduced us, Wes Pierce, is still a part of our lives. We are now godparents to each other’s children.

18 things about Pettersson
Carl loves a good joke, and will often leave random voice messages to brighten someone's day. Just last week, he called everyone in our investment firm’s office and left them "You’re my boy” messages in the voice of Will Ferrell from Old School. "You're my boy, Blue!"
To keep Carl from being complacent, his mother would say “Either do your homework or go practice.”  Carl’s response, “See you at dark.”
He’s gotten so used to wearing golf clothes that he struggles with wearing banded sleeves off the course. It’s a little like watching the Incredible Hulk get ready.
Carl likes country music and Southern rock. You’ll find him with his jawbone speaker on the range most days when we’re home.
One of his favorite foods is North Carolina barbecue. In fact, he has his own “pull-behind” pig cooker.
He has a fear of birds – but he does a great rooster-walk impression.
He loves his Corvette. We got our first Corvette as a wedding gift to each other.  We sold it when we had our first child. We bought our second Corvette about a year ago as a “date night” car since we are now done having kids.
Topsail Island, N.C., is one of our favorite vacation spots. We bought a small home there about eight years ago.  It’s a small town with not much going on, but it’s a beautiful beach and a great place to relax and get away.
He loves landscaping and knows more grass breeds than I even knew existed. He wants a riding reel mower when he retires.
He changed his man cave theater into a golf simulator room at the new house we are building.
He is a Minnesota Vikings fan. Why? Swedes are “Vikings.” His favorite player? Adrian Peterson.
He is a devoted family man who loves his wife and kids more than anything. He’d rather hang with us than have beers with the boys. When I started working on the 25th Anniversary book with the PGA TOUR Wives Association, Carl stepped up and took on a lot of extra responsibility. Marriage and parenthood is a delicate dance but I think he’s mastered it well.
His first car was a Volvo station wagon, quickly followed by a Mustang GT.
He has a very quick wit and dry sense of humor, probably developed during his time in England.
He eats ketchup on spaghetti.
He may not look fit, but he can run three miles like its nothing. He played soccer and cricket as a kid and he hasn’t lost the touch.
Since the weather in England wasn’t always great for practicing golf in the winter, his grandparents bought a place in Spain. Carl spent every childhood vacation from school there working on his game and spending time with his grandfather, who was his biggest fan.
Carl has one older brother, Oscar. While Carl took the upper hand in most sports growing up, there’s still one that his brother has locked up: tennis.