John Deere Classic interview: Lucas Glover

July 12, 2013

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JOE CHEMYCZ:  Welcome Lucas Glover in, 9 under 62 today, Lucas, very nice play.
Thank you.

JOE CHEMYCZ:  You've obviously found something this week that's working very well for you.  Talk about the first couple of days here and then we'll open it up for questions.
Yeah, it was good.  I've obviously been struggling.  I was ecstatic yesterday after 3 under, and just didn't hit it close enough yesterday to shoot really low, and I did that today.  I got off to a good start both days and then really kept it going today.
    Like I said, ecstatic yesterday, so you can imagine how I feel today.  But I'm not dumb enough to think it's over.  Halfway home, 36 more, going to have to do a lot of the same to keep pace.
JOE CHEMYCZ:  What is it that you've found?
  I don't know.  Just starting my putts on line better, and it seems to be working, so we'll probably keep doing it, I guess.

Q.  How does this course match up with your game?  When you're playing well, is there something about this course that appeals to your game?
Yeah, I've got good vibes here.  They actually gave me a start here in '02 right out of college, and I played well for two days.  I was kind of just getting my start, so I've always had a good vibe here.
    I like the golf course.  I mean, you hit every club in the bag and a variety of holes and great risk reward holes.  It's a great course, and it's in absolutely perfect shape, which is why the scores are so low.  The greens are perfect.  The fairways are perfect.  The golf course is immaculate.
    But I do, I have a good vibe here.  A lot of the tee shots set up well for me, and any time you're putting well, you feel pretty good anywhere.  That's what we've got to keep doing.

Q.  It's almost been feast or famine for you this year.  What's been the situation with your golf game?  Can you explain all the missed cuts?
Well, I think statistically that's kind of been my career, honestly.  But this year has been very inconsistent.  I haven't put four rounds together very often.  Pretty good at Honda, pretty good in New Orleans, but wasn't great on the weekends in either one of those.
    You know, I've been hitting the ball as well as I hit it in say '09 the last six, seven weeks.  I just haven't been making any putts, and I've been struggling with the short ones.  I got here Sunday afternoon and busted my tail Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday on that, and it paid off yesterday and today.
    If that continues, great; if not, at least I'm on the right track.

Q.  Which mentality do you take into the weekend with you, one that you've struggled on the weekends or the great play this week up to this point?
  I would say the great play this week up to this point.  I'd be selling myself short if I didn't think that way.  I've been constantly telling myself the last five, six weeks keep working, it's coming, keep working, it's coming.  Yesterday and today it was here, or it was there.  So I'll tell myself the same thing tonight, tell myself the same thing in the morning.  That's my mentality.  We're going to have to be aggressive, and that's good for me because that's my style.
    I'd be selling myself short if I thought any other way.

Q.  Do you almost expect to see the names Johnson or Stricker at the top of the leaderboard?
Yeah, absolutely.  They're great players.  You see them almost every week, not just here, but here it seems like a lot.  Two of the best players in the world, and they have very good feelings when they get here.  Yeah, absolutely.

Q.  In terms of numbers, 62 today, do you have to go almost as low on the weekend to keep it up and stay in this spot you're in?
Yes, I think so.

Q.  How difficult might that be to go out tomorrow and do the same thing?
Well, you know, it's just like any other weekend.  The golf course is going to be the same for everybody.  You'll see low scores from the beginning of the field tomorrow through the middle and all the way to the end.  You know, it's there for the taking because of the shape the course is in and lack of wind.  We haven't had the wind we usually have here, so it's just    I mean, it's just perfect scoring opportunity.

Q.  When you committed last Friday did you plan on playing all along?
I did not.  I had planned on taking this week off and heading over to the Open Championship tomorrow.  I got done at the Greenbrier after playing poorly, and my wife said I think you ought to go, and I said I'm glad you said that because I was thinking the same thing.  I've had good success there and have good vibes there and easy to change travel plans with the charter, and she said, let's go, and I said, done.  That was it.  Oddly enough, the second time she said that.  The first time was New Orleans, we committed there on Friday as well, because it was the exact same story, believe it or not.  I don't know, maybe she's got mind tricks over me or something, more so than usual.

Q.  Over the course of your career have you found it's possible to work too hard?  How do you calibrate relaxing while you're playing?
If you know what's wrong, it's best to work on it.  If you're lost, it's best to get away.  That's the way I look at it.  I've done both.  I put them down at the end of August and didn't pick them up until almost December because I was struggling and lost.  If you can pinpoint the issue and know what it is it's best to work on it.  I had Saturday and Sunday to think about it, and I addressed it and have been working on it.

Q.  Is there a very specific swing key or swing thought that's helped you this week?
No, I've been hitting the ball good.  It was just a little adjustment putting.  It's been working, but I've been hitting the ball as good as I've hit it in a long time.  So that's been there.  Just had to do a couple of    just some alignment things putting, and it clicked.

Q.  The fact that you've been at the highest level of the game, does it make it, not easier but easier for you to fight back versus some guy who's never gotten to where you've been?
It may be easier.  Luckily I can always think to myself, hey, I won the U.S. Open.  That's not a bragging statement, that's a searching for confidence statement.  But it's been four years.  I'm not a different player, I'm not a different person, so in the back of my mind I've always got that, and I'm very fortunate to have that.
    I forget it a lot, and a lot of great players forget it.  But multiple major champions reminded me of it in LA this year.  We were both packing up our lockers after missing the cut, and he goes, sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that we were pretty darned good at one time.  It's not that hard to get back.  I said, you're right.  It was pretty cool.

Q.  Who was it?
LUCAS GLOVER:  That's private, but it was pretty cool.  He didn't have to, and he kind of went out of his way to.  It was pretty cool.

Lucas, thank you.  Play well.