Greenbrier Classic interview: Tom Watson

July 05, 2013

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Q. Well, Tom let's talk about your play first. Absolutely spectacular. It was a thrill to watch you for all the fans out there and you're going to play the weekend. Tell us about it.

TOM WATSON: Well, I played very well from tee to green. My putter was very balky today. I did make one good one on the last hole, I changed my stroke and that gives me some -- that gives me some confidence about maybe what I did with that stroke is maybe what I need to do because I was struggling on the greens today. I hit the ball very, very well and like yesterday, I missed a lot of putts, I 3-putted three times today and it was kind of an ugly day on the greens, but a real good day for the ball striking category.

Q. Well if anybody knows this place, I guess it would be you. You have great affection for this property. It must be great to play here in this event.

TOM WATSON: Well, it is. The Greenbrier is -- as Jim Justice said, it's America's great resort. It's a wonderful place to come. You should see the families and the kids out here. From the falconry to the sporting clays to the fishing to the tennis, they've got everything here. You don't have any problem finding some things to do here at the Greenbrier.

Q. Plan on the weekend, but the Ryder Cup always fast approaching. You had a very exciting announcement this week.

TOM WATSON: I did, I announced one of my vice captains, Andy North, a very close friend of mine since we were amateurs back in the 60's. Andy is -- he works for ESPN, heworks many times in the final group and we've talked a lot about the quality of our players as it relates to the Ryder Cup teams over the years. So he was a very logical choice for me to pick as my vice captain.

Q. Tom, it's an honor, thank you so much.

TOM WATSON: Thank you.