FedEx St. Jude Classic interview: Harris English

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June 08, 2013

FedEx St. Jude Classic transcripts

Q. Almost kind of an opposites attract there. You played incrediby today, couldn't really get much forward momentum, but --

That's the name of the game out here. This golf course is tough. We've got to hit fairways and greens. Even though I didn't make any birdies or putts, I'm happy with steady golf.

Q. You guys are obviously friends, you enjoy each other's company. When you're trying to beat each other, he gets a birdie here and he goes and tosses a quadruple bogey 8 on par 3. Is there part of you that says "Thank goodness for that"?

It's tough to watch that. I'm pulling for him. I'm pulling for anybody that I'm playing with. I'm just trying to obviously beat him, but it was tough to watch that. And he brought it back beautifully and played some solid golf out there.

Q. If it's any consolation, the last time I played in this event, one of the kids that I played with made 11 on that hole and 11 again on 16. So, four 1s on a scorecard.

I've never had that. Maybe tomorrow we can get that together.

Q. Good notes for you on the 18th. I note the back-9 was a little bit of a grind. You're in the final group tomorrow. That birdie at 18 was sweet.

I was all around the hole today and finally had a putt where I wanted it to go. It was good to see that go in.

Q. It was an interesting round because you kind of battled, Shawn is playing well and all of a sudden it goes from 2 down to 2 up almost quickly.

Shawn played so good on the front-9, and the birdie at 10 I was like, "Wow, this guy is going to shoot 60 out there."

Got to hang tough. This golf course is hard, there's a lot of hard golf shots. I'll see if I can keep it rolling tomorrow.

Q. They seemed to set the golf course up for low numbers. I don't expect it to be that easy again tomorrow, so you've got that cushion again when you and Shawn go out there.

It's real hard to be aggressive with these pins. You're trying to go at these pins and make a big number in a hurry. I'm happy with playing 15, 20 feet away from the pin and get that chance of going for it with a wedge, go for it. But I was happy with the way I struck the ball and played and see if I can do the same thing tomorrow.

Q. Three rounds in the 60s. Good playing.

Thank you.

Q. That birdie in at the end was great.

It was an awesome feeling. I was all around the hole today especially on the back-9, I had a lot of good chances. It was good to see it fall in. I can sleep with that.

Q. What were the differences from yesterday and today, not just your game but --

Just tougher. It's firming up out there. They put pins -- obviously tucked them to be hard. It's hard to get close to them. You've got to be aggressive. It was tough to get inside ten feet, and I felt like I was putting downgrain and can't really make a run at it. Got to be careful and get it down near the hole. That's kind what I was doing.

Q. Lot of people at the top of the leaderboard. Really anybody's -- you had the lead for awhile. What do you need to do tomorrow in order to make this happen?

It's going to play tough again tomorrow. You need to play steady. It's all about fairways and greens out here. I know people say that about every golf course, but if you're playing out of the trees and rough here, you're not going to play very well. See if I can get my 3-wood and 5-wood going again tomorrow and make a run.

Q. Any chance to see any of the tee spots tomorrow?

Yeah. Every Sunday out here is a lot different. More people, more on the line, I guess, but they know what they're doing. They've had the tournament here for awhile. They know good spots for the pins. They'll set some up to make a run. It's really anybody's game.

Q. How close are you and Shawn? Do you run into each other a lot?

This is the first time we've played together. I've known him the whole year. He's been a super nice and awesome guy to play with. I feel like we have the same demeanor on the golf course. Talking about hunting and fishing and everything out there. We had a great time.

Q. When you're up 1, 2 like that at the leaderboard, what is the mindset thing going into tomorrow?

Just playing my game. I've shot in the 60s on the past three rounds. I felt that's a pretty good score around this golf course. Looking to do it again tomorrow. I know probably 2, 3-under is a good round and got to hang in.

Q. You got yourself to 12 and then a couple of bogies and all of a sudden you see yourself out of the lead and then a guy makes a quad. What was your feeling like that on a day, that was really unusual?

It's a tough hole. I guess he just pulled the wrong club and stuff like that happens, but he hung in so well and was playing beautiful golf out there and making a lot of putts and just fun to watch. I kind of fed off of him on the back-9 we were playing so well. It was good.

Q. I mean all told, how do you feel like you handled the situation with being the leader for the first time?

I felt like I was very comfortable out there. Starting out with a birdie on No. 1 was very refreshing. Kind of hung in there all day. Never got ahead of myself and stayed calm all day. It was a really good feeling.

Q. That said, I mean you came into the day two shots ahead. You're going into the final round one shot behind. What's your feeling about that position?

I'm fine. I think it's anybody's ballgame. This golf course is set-up really good right now, and if you -- somebody shoots 5, 6-under tomorrow, they can jet to the top of the leaderboard. I feel really good. The birdie helped on 18.

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