the Memorial interview: Tiger Woods

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May 30, 2013

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Didn't capitalize on a few opportunities I had. Short irons, I didn't hit them close enough. All in all it was a pretty high score.

Q. Can you talk about the difference on how you strike it and how well you score? How do you describe that?

I didn't score very well compared to how I hit it. I hit it pretty good. I just didn't make anything today. Hopefully tomorrow I'll make a few more putts.

Q. It seemed like there were a few times during the round you were doing a little overexaggerated swings, most notably on 18. Was there anything you clicked that you adjusted throughout the round?

No, I was just trying to ‑‑ because I'm playing the ball back and I have to drop a few. Obviously that changes my playing. I need to do something different with the golf ball and that's what I was rehearsing. I've been hitting the ball pretty high except for some of these shots, because we've got to drive it through the wind. And trying to keep it below the tree line if I can, so it doesn't get affected.

Q. Conditions‑wise, the difference between the morning and the afternoon?

I don't know. I didn't really see what the guys were doing this morning except for the scores. I don't know if the wind blew or not or didn't blow. I know that it got a little bit crusty out there for us. And it was a good test.

Q. What was the number that probably would have been proper if you struck it well today?

Probably just got a few more out of it.

Q. Was the putting just one of those days?

I thought I hit good putts. I misread a couple pretty badly. I misread the one at 13. I thought it was going to go right and went left.

The one on 18, I thought it was going to go left at the end and ended up going right. That was not very good.

Q. Is it a special challenge to chipping around here?

Chipping is tough around here. The bluegrass is thick. You don't want to hit it past the hole because then you've got that downhill putt. You've got to leave it in the correct spots. I left all my chip shots on the correct spots where I had uphill putts coming for the next one. And unfortunately I didn't bury those.

Q. What do you make of Fred, looks pretty good for 51?

Yeah, kicked my ass.

Q. (Inaudible.)

Perfect. Perfect. (Laughter).

Q. How would you assess your play today?

I hit it a lot better than my score indicates and I didn't make much. So maybe tomorrow I can make a few more putts and get a better score.

Q. You putted so well at The PLAYERS, are you surprised that your putting was a little off today?

Not really. The greens were a little bit tough this afternoon. I don't think there were too many low scores this afternoon. They were a little crusty and a little bumpy. The poa is up. I think most of the guys in the morning went low.

Q. You talked yesterday about how fun it would be to play with Freddie and Keegan. How much fun was it out there?

We had a good time. We had our spells when we were having a lot of fun and had spells when it got a little quiet out there. I made a few mistakes, so did Keegs. It had its moments.

Q. I sense some frustration, but all in all it was tough out there this afternoon. How do you feel about your round?

As I was saying in there, it was probably the highest score I could have shot today. I played a lot better than my score indicates. Hopefully tomorrow I can cleanup, and make a few more putts and get a roll.

Q. Do you expect it to be a little bit softer tomorrow, a little more gettable?

Definitely. Definitely. Definitely it's smoother. The greens got a little bumpy this afternoon. The poa gets up as you know, and it starts bouncing a little bit. Hopefully tomorrow I can get it going and get myself back in contention.

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