Wells Fargo Championship interview: Nick Watney

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May 02, 2013

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Q. Nick, that's awfully good playing out there, particularly on that second nine. Did you wake up at about the turn?

Yeah, I played pretty well on the back, just couldn't make anything. I just tried to stay patient and luckily the putts started falling.

Q. You've been playing so well this year. It's been fairly close almost every single week, so consistent. Last week you shot the same thing every day. How do you feel about the state of your game?

I think it's really going in the right direction. I feel like today is one of the best rounds I've played all year, really clean, really steady. So I'm really looking forward to this week upcoming and the rest of the season.

Q. How wet was it out there?

It was a little bit wet, but obviously it's definitely playable. I just heard Phil say that this tournament has been so great. I don't want to see it take any kind of flack. Obviously, the greens are the greens. Obviously, they didn't do it on purpose. So the golf is good, and it's just a matter of rolling in some putts.

Q. We left you when you were done playing your first nine holes. What happened on that second nine?

Well, I tried to stay patient and luckily some things just started falling. It went pretty well. I mean, to make nine pars on the back side isn't a bad thing. Definitely Phil and Rickie made some early birdies, so I knew I had to get something going. Luckily, I made five of them on the front.

Q. How soft was the golf course? How scorable is it out there?

Well, it's definitely pretty soft. It's not hot enough to dry anything out. I think as far as scoring for us, we got the best conditions we possibly could. We were out pretty early and fresh greens. So hopefully we'll get the same tomorrow and I'm looking forward to the rest of the week.

Q. There's been a lot of talk about the six greens that have been challenged here this week, especially by you guys, the best players in the world. Is there a different strategy you have to implement on those six greens compared to the other 12?

Well, obviously, all you can do on any green is try to hit it where you're looking. And I think just going into it with the greens may be a little bouncy, but most of the time if you hit a good putt it's going to go in. Although I will say that you're not angry if you have a 25 footer or you have a tap in on some of those greens. So it may change your strategy a little bit, but ultimately you're trying to hit it where you're looking.

Q. Talk about your round out there today and how it went?

I played very nice. I was pretty steady. Didn't get in any real trouble, and I was able to get it going on my back nine, so I'm very pleased with today.

Q. What stretch were you in with three birdies in a row? I saw the putt you hit on three to make that third one. But what did you like for you?

Number 1, I hit a wedge about eight feet, and number 2, I hit an 8 iron about four feet. So it was nice to take advantage of you drive it in the fairway on number 1, you get a short iron in, and number 2 was a good club for me. So it was nice to take advantage of those holes.

Q. When you get a roll like that, you feel like you can kind of beat the world?

Yeah, it's nice to you don't always have a stretch like that, so you try to keep it going as long as you can.

Q. All the talk about the greens, how did they hold up today for you? I know you're playing well.

I thought they were good. I played with Rickie Fowler today, and he had a few putts that may have bumped a little bit. But I thought we got them at a pretty good time. For me, I have no complaints.

Q. What will the challenge be tomorrow in the afternoon pairing?

It will be great. We're a long way from finished. So just try to do more of the same and keep it as simple as I can and see where I end up.

Q. You had a solid opening round last year, didn't you?

Yeah, I played well.

Q. Is there anything in particular about this course that you like?

Yeah, I really enjoy it. I enjoy coming here every year. It's one of the best tournaments we have and one of the best courses, so I really like it.

Q. I'm sure it's not something you think about on a daily basis, but after the disappointment of not making the Ryder Cup team last year, how big of a motivator in the long term year to year are making these International Teams for you at this moment is this?

It's big motivation. I played in the Presidents Cup in 2011, and it was a blast. It was such a great experience and a lot of fun to play on a team event like that. So missing the Ryder Cup was disappointing.

Once you play on one and you miss one, it makes you want to make those teams even more.

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