Zurich Classic interview: Tianlang Guan

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April 26, 2013

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I think I played a very good round today, and I made a lot of birdies and a couple of good up‑and‑downs. So I think I had a pretty good round, I think. I think I made the cut.

Q. How different was this golf course? It was very wet and you had ball in hand yesterday. How different was it today?

It was a little bit better. It was still wet and some still on the course. But today they moved the tee up a couple holes, so it's not too bad.

Q. How has this week been different than your week at Augusta National?

It's been a little different, but just like it's like preparing for another tournament. It's not much different. Just doing normal preparations.

Q. There are a lot of people out here watching you, every shot, every step you take. How surprised are you at how well you've played?

I'm not too surprised because I came here last year and I have some friends here. So I think I would play pretty good golf.

Q. You said earlier in the week your goal was to make the cut. What is your goal now on the weekend?

Play my best to help me go further.

Q. A lot has been made about you coming over here at 14 years old playing The Masters, now playing in Louisiana. Making the cut at The Masters was one thing, but playing well here as long as the course is playing, talk us through that.

It was pretty wet last couple of days and playing the course a little bit. But I think the course is not too difficult, and I think I played a pretty good two rounds.

Q. I was so impressed. I caught up with you. That tee shot into 9, was your heart kind of rushing a little bit with the flag located where it was? How were you feeling on the 9 tee shot?

The flag was pretty (Indiscernible). I always just want to hit in the middle. I tried to hit a draw, by I draw a little too much, but it's still a pretty good shot.

Q. How do you feel going into the weekend? For all intents and purposes, you should make the cut. Any change in strategy or anything for the weekend coming up?

Not really a lot. Just want to play my best and hope to go a little further.

Q. Congratulations, that's a record breaking performance, and we're very happy for you.

Thank you.

I played very good today, made a lot of birdies, so it was great.

Q. Another tournament. It seems like you're obviously going to make the cut. Was that the ultimate goal? Just kind of talk about what your goals are as you enter this tournament? Because you're going to be two for two making the cut.

Yeah, making the cut is one of my goals. I'm having fun these couple of days, and I hope to play my best and go a little further into the weekend.

Q. What are some of these guys telling you? I'm sure you've had great conversations with a lot of the pros. What do they tell you on the course? Do you have a lot of interaction during the round?

We talked a little bit. Especially yesterday it played slow and there was a wait, so, yeah, we talked a little bit and had some fun.

Q. Did you have a lot of people that you know following you today? Was it a lot of friends?

Yeah, just a couple of friends. The people here are really good, and my parents are following me.

Q. Is it a little easier this week after doing The Masters or is it still difficult with the big gallery behind you?

I would say it's a little easier, but it's still difficult to play on this course with lower scores.

Q. When you see the big gallery following you, what is that like?

I feel okay with them watching me. I think I'm doing a pretty good job, and thanks for that.

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