Zurich Classic interview: Morgan Hoffmann

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April 26, 2013

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Q. I guess if you could start, I'll give you an easy one. Just talk about your round today?

Today was solid. I didn't make as many putts as I should have or needed to, but I played well, and I think it looks good going into the weekend.

Q. How does it feel to be in the hunt going into the weekend? All you can do after two is see where you are. You have to be happy with your chances over the weekend?

Yeah, definitely. There is still the afternoon wave to go on, and guys could shoot a low round. But I'm happy with the way I'm playing and I'm comfortable with the score.

Q. What is it about this course that sets up good for you?

It's long, and I tend to‑‑ I've been driving it well lately so that always helps. Once you get in the fairway the confidence just goes up a little bit.

Q. I know Lucas Glover put up a strong number today. Do you think somebody this weekend is going to have to do that to win or will slow and steady kind of win for somebody in the end?

I'm not sure. This course, as I said, is long. You can get into some rough areas out there and make a few bogeys. I think slow and steady has several under each day to be pretty decent.

But I think if you want to come from behind, you have to shoot at least one very solid round.

Q. Have you been this this position before going into a weekend at this place on the leaderboard?

Yeah, not on this TOUR, but on the Web.com last year, and this year a few weeks ago in Lafayette I actually did. So hopefully I'll carry on the good luck in Louisiana.

Q. What are your thoughts about Guan Tianlang?

Yeah, John Peterson and I were talking about it and said I hope he understands what he's doing, because everybody out here is following him.

Q. It is just a little crazy, isn't it?

It is unbelievable. You know, The Masters and then here, it's awesome.

Q. Could you imagine at 14, what were you doing at 14?

I was playing hockey and baseball and golf, but definitely not making the cut at The Masters, so that's pretty awesome.

Q. It's been two results with a nice birdie to finish off the second round.

Yeah, it was good. I was in good position there and had a good lie on the fairway. I felt like my number was comfortable, and I've been hitting the 3‑wood good all day, so I figured, why not?

Q. You realize there is water on the right‑hand side?

Yeah, I figured if you hit in the water if it's not too bad of a shot, just go up and drop and make your par, so it was worth it.

Q. Absolutely. Great position going into the weekend. Any thoughts?

Yeah, I feel good going into the weekend. I feel comfortable on the course and I'm excited to play.

Q. Are you still living with Rickie Fowler down there on the compound or have you gotten your own place?

No, I've got my own place.

Q. It's good you've got your own place now.

Yeah, for sure. I don't know what they're doing down there, but Rickie just redid it and it looks awesome.

Q. You have a late tee time on Saturday. Any plans for this evening? Are you going to go to the French Quarter?

I haven't yet. I might go on an air boat ride down in the swamp and do something Louisiana style.

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