Zurich Classic interview: Boo Weekley

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April 26, 2013

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We are always happy to have Boo Weekley in. Boo, congratulations on a nice 4‑under 68 today, on top of your 7‑under yesterday. That puts you in prime position at least for the time being. Obviously, you're feeling good about what's going on. Started off today with an eagle too at the 10th hole, so that kind of set the pace for the day. Just some comments on your first 36 holes?

BOO WEEKLEY: It's been pretty good. I actually drove the ball pretty well and hit a lot of good iron shots and made some putts for a change. After last week I was kind of a little leery about how this putter has been working. It finally started showing a little bit yesterday and then today it showed a little bit more.

Real quick before we take questions. You and I were talking a couple weeks ago and you said you're right there. You're that close. Since then in Houston a couple weeks ago you obviously are proving that you are there now.

Yeah, I'm getting closer. After Houston, I took two weeks off and didn't even touch a golf club, and that kind of hurts me a little bit the way I like to practice and the way I function with golf. I wasn't quite mentally ready to play golf last week and it kind of upset me a little bit. But I'm hoping that I can carry it on this week and keep playing the way I'm playing and the way I feel.

Q. Walk us through the eagle on 10?

It was 3‑wood, and hit right down the fairway there, had 105 yards. And I carry four wedges, and my middle wedge is a 56°. I know I can't hit it no more than 108 yards max. So it was one of those shots that I knew I had the right club; I just had to make the perfect swing, and I made the perfect swing.

Q. Did you know it went in?

No, I couldn't tell it went in because it's got a little bit of an upper lip in the front of it. I saw it bounce, and then I didn't see it no more. Then the people in the background started hollering and hooping, I was like, wow, that really went in. I didn't believe it. I just thought I might have hit it close. Sure enough, we walk up there and it was in.

Q. Great way to jump start a round on the second shot of the day?

Oh, yes, sir, that's always a good way to start off the round. I just didn't drive the ball as well as I wanted on the back side. That kind of got me in some trouble, but it kind of helped.

Q. 6 and 8, you bogeyed those. You looked a little aggravated on 6. Coming out of the bunker there you weren't happy with that shot?

I was a little more upset because it was the first ball that we had the mud on in the fairway there. It was kind of like one of them shots that was on the bottom left side. The mud on whatever side the mud is on, the ball's going to go the other way, you know?

So it was like one of them shots I didn't want to aim it just in case it didn't catch, and I'd be overhitting it out of the mud on that side. Then in the bunker shot, I just didn't clip it very well for putting spin on it, and it kind of run out a little farther than I wanted. I hit a lot of good putts this week. Just misreading a lot of the putts, but we're hitting our lines, which is a plus right now.

Q. Do you feel like you kind of stole one on 17? That was a long one there?

On 17, the par‑3? Yeah, I mean, like I said. When I read them right, I feel like I can make them. But that's all of us out here. My speed's been pretty good this week so far. I haven't run the ball way by or kept it way short. So my thing right now if I can just find the right line to putt the ball on, I feel like I can make it.

Q. How did the course play today after a day of sunshine yesterday for the most part?

It played good. Maintenance crew here has done a real good job of maintaining it and keeping it up. You're going to find your spots out there where it's going to be wet. Ain't nothing you can do about that. You can get a little over an inch of rain on any golf course unless you have those air woofer things that sucks it all out like at Augusta. But it's in real good shape.

Q. What did you do the two weeks that you didn't touch a club?

I don't know. I'd have to ask her in the back. What did I do for two weeks? Oh, I went to see my grandparents. My grandmamma on my mama's side has Alzheimer's or dementia, and my granddaddy on my daddy's side has the same thing. So went and spent some time with them both ways, and just hung out with the kids. They're in baseball and T‑ball, so we hung out and just did all that.

Q. Even though you had a great round yesterday, did you feel beat up because of your sinus condition? Did number 10 help it out today?

I started some medicine two nights ago, and it's helped out, the Z‑pack. So it's helped out a lot. I feel a lot better. My throat's still a little scratchy, not as bad as it was.

The way I felt yesterday afternoon before we teed off, I felt like I don't know if I'm going to be able to play around this thing. As the day went on I started feeling better and better about my‑‑ my body started feeling better, I should say.

Q. Did it feel better after the eagle?

Oh, yes. I mean, I was pretty good; I just didn't get a lot of sleep last night.

Q. Will you have extra family and friends coming out this weekend being from so close?

Oh, yes, sir. I want to say there were probably about 15 of them out there today. Yes, sir. And there probably might be more coming. There ain't no telling.

Q. How much more fun does that make it for you?

It's a good time. At the same time, it's a little pressure because you want to show your buddies how good you really are. They know how good you are around the house. You beat them up around the house a little bit, but to actually get them away from playing a different golf course and just have them out.

Q. Do you feel like you're going to have a shot this weekend?

Yes, sir, when it's all said and done.

Q. Did the greens roll a little quicker today?

I think they were about the same. Always in the morning time it's always going to be a little quicker before that sun pops up, especially on Bermuda because they're going to start slowing down and that grain is going to start chasing the sun around a little bit. But I think they were about the same. They might have been a foot, two foot faster just early in the round. But now I think they're about the same as they were yesterday afternoon.

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