Zurich Classic interview: Boo Weekley

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April 25, 2013

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Q. Bogey free here on Thursday, hitting 13 fairways, 15 greens and 27 putts, how complete of a round was this for you?

It was good. It could have gotten real good if some of them putts would have fallen early in the round. Just fell good today. It didn't feel good because I got that sinus stuff, but other than that, the golf swing is pretty good right now.

Q. As a whole, how good do you feel about your game in the big picture? You've made nine straight cuts. You had a chance at Tampa. Do you feel like it's close to having four rounds?

It's getting there. Every week is a new progress. You never know what's going to happen. It's getting close.

Q. How excited are you with the start and the prospects of a golf course that looks like it's going to yield a lot of birdies throughout the week?

I don't know about yielding a lot of birdies the rest of the week. It all depends on that wind right here if it dries these greens out. All that rain we got yesterday kind of softened up everything. But I don't think it's going to rain anymore the rest of the week. You never know. These greens are going to get firm and fast.

Q. Do you feel like this is the way the course and the weather was today that you needed to jump on this course today?

I just went out there and wanted to play golf. After last week I felt like I let myself down last week. I was coming into it playing pretty good and just didn't get nothing going in the right direction. It kind of showed this week how hard I've been working on it, and it's starting to get there. You never know what it's going to bring you though. The game of golf is crazy.

Q. You talked about sinuses?

I was just up there in Hilton Head, and that was the worst I've ever seen it around there. It looked like somebody had a mustard cloud over the whole golf course.

Q. And it landed right on you, huh?

Yeah, it landed on a bunch of us, a bunch of us around here. If I swing and my shoulder gets too far under my chin and it hits it, it feels like somebody just punched me there.

Q. Are you taking medicine?

Oh, yes, I've got some medicine.

Q. Talk about the difference in the course today as early in the week with the wind change and the rain?

I didn't play. I played nine holes. I played the backside. I just didn't feel good. So I didn't go play none. I played here enough that I know the golf course. I just I didn't play with that nine holes.

Q. That was yesterday?

No, that was on Monday.

Q. This is an unusual wind. Have you played it much with these wind conditions coming out of the north like this?

I've played it off and on. I played here since they moved it, so I mean, it's just wind. You've just got to learn to play with it down here in the south.

Q. Did you leave some shots out on the course?

I felt like I left a lot of shots. I left at least four on the front side that were good birdie putts. I had good looks at them like ten foot, them kind of putts. I grew up on this Bermuda, and kind of the same thing last week. I just didn't make no putts last week, which I didn't hit it real close. I think I averaged probably about 17 feet last week.

This week so far today I've averaged a little bit closer, and that was right around 12, I think. I kind of figured out myself.

Q. You know the holes that you‑‑

One, I felt like I left it on 1, 4, 5, the par‑5. Both the par‑5s on the front side, I had perfect‑‑ the second one, number 7, I had perfect yardage there and just hit it a little bit past the pin. I had about a ten‑footer there.

Then on the other par‑5 on the front 11, I had a perfect yardage there and I just hit it too far again. It didn't spin back. I left myself a silly putt there.

Q. Did you see Barnes shot a 64 before you went out? You didn't? Okay?

I really don't pay attention. It's the first two days. You don't worry about that. You just worry about playing golf and you go from there later on.

Q. Well, Sunday in Tampa, you said that was the best you've hit it in years?

Long time.

Q. How does this compare?

It was good. I mean, I'd say it's not quite as good as it was in Tampa. I mean, I think the golf course was set up a little harder there that day under the conditions. Then today the main thing is the first round you just want to go out and make as many birdies as you can and try to get yourself up there where you can give yourself a chance at the weekend.

Q. How close do you think your game is to being able to put four good rounds together instead of hit or miss?

I don't know. I don't look at it like that. I look at it as how I feel that day when I show up. I feel good. I should play pretty good. If not, we'll just scrape it around.

Q. Is it mostly physical?

No, I'm just finally starting to believe again. After being hurt for so many times and making so many bad swings, after a while you finally start finding out when you get healthy again. My shoulder don't hurt and nothing like that, so finally I get back to feeling healthy, I can make those swings.

Q. On 17 you got a little bit of a round of applause for putting the flag back in. Did you grab it?

Yes, because I don't think they allow them back on the green to put the flag in. So I just walked up there and grabbed it.

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