Arnold Palmer Invitational interview: John Huh

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March 22, 2013

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Q. Two days in a row you've birdied one of the toughest holes in golf. What's been the key there?

Well, the key was keep your ball on the fairway and hit a green and give yourself a good chance, and I think I did really well and made a 30 footer which is great to finish the round.

Q. This is the second time you've played here at Bay Hill. How has it helped you the fact that maybe you got a look at it a year ago?

Well, obviously they were here before, and we had a little clue where the pins were going to be, and how the greens are going to react. I took advantage of playing here last year, so hopefully I can do that the next two days.

Q. Five for five in sand saves. Pretty sporty.

Yeah, after I took a lesson from K.J., I did really well, and I'm really pleased with my short game right now. I want to say thank you to K.J.

Q. Excited about the weekend?

Of course. It's been a while for me to be in contention, so I'd love to go out there and play tomorrow and Sunday as well.

Q. You never seem nervous out there. Are you ever nervous inside?

Well, yesterday I was pretty nervous because it's been a while for me to be in contention, so the camera was around me, so I was a little nervous. But you've got to really enjoy the pressure. So I think I did really well yesterday and today, and hopefully I can do that.

Q. When did K.J. give you that lesson?

The week of the Accenture Match. After he was done, he came outside and gave me a call and see if he could help me out a little bit. No hesitation, he came out and we worked out about four or five hours.

Q. On everything?

Just the sand. He's the master of the bunker, so I took a really good note and good memory, and, hopefully, I can do that for the rest of the week.

Q. What was your main take away from that? What are you thinking about when you're in the bunker now?

Well, it's hard to say if it's about more skill and touch. I'm just trying to get the feel as what he does, so so far it's working pretty good.

Q. Talk about the putt on 18. How far was it?

It was about 20, 27 feet away. Little left to right downhill break. I just told myself, you know, have a good speed and it will break to the hole. So I putted it pretty well, too.

Q. Somebody told me you used to not like when people talked about your last name, but now you're embracing that. I think I read that.

Yeah, when I was a kid my last name was kind of unique. So they kind of would make fun of me. But now that my last name is probably like the most unique last name on the TOUR, so I try to enjoy every moment when the fans call my last name.

Q. Somebody says you have a belt buckle with a question mark on it?

No, no, not yet. No.

Q. Have you thought about that?

A little bit, yeah. But the question mark gives a little doubt, so I try not to bring up the doubt in my game.

Q. Who was it? Somebody called you the human question mark or something? I was reading a story about it. One of your competitors?

I don't know.

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