Tampa Bay Championship interview: Boo Weekley

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March 17, 2013

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Q. Did you have a number in mind when you teed off?

4 under, seriously, I was going to try to go two and two and I felt like I left a lot of shots out there this week, even though finally my putting finally started working today and they started finally.

Q. Your ball striking striking was terriffic.

I've been working with Scott Hamilton, and he's got me right now striking it very well, just believing in what I'm doing again. That's the whole key is everybody out here, if they believe in themselves, they can do it.

Q. How do you feel about it?

It's all right. I'll wait.

Q. Well, all I can say is, wow, 8 under, no bogeys, final round, great playing?

It was impressive. Even I'm still kind of shocked at how good I really hit it. The greens that I missed, the two greens that I missed I thought were going to be perfect. You know, one was a little long, one was a little short but overall one of the best days I've had in ball striking in a long time.

Q. You must have putted well today?

I putted the ball well. I think I had three tap ins, four tap ins today, three or four tap ins today that I hit iron shots in, what I considered tap ins, two foot, stuff like that. Not all the time we make them but I felt like I could make them.

Q. You mentioned that you were believing in yourself today. Was there a time when you weren't believing in yourself?

I've been hurt the last couple years. Just now starting to get comfortable again, healthy again, to where I felt like I could actually hit the shots that I see.

Q. Did it take you a while after getting healthy to kind of get back to hitting the shots that you were hitting?

Yes, it's taken probably every bit of about eight months now. And working with Scott Hamilton, he's helped me out a lot, got me to where we're working on a lot of the same things that I've always worked on but now I've got somebody telling me and believing in what I'm doing, and now I'm starting to believe what he's trying to tell me what to do.

Q. Considering how topsy turvy the leaderboard was yesterday, how good do you feel that minus eight will stand up?

I had a number in the beginning when we made the cut, I figured if I can just get it to about 7 to 8,9, somewhere around in them numbers, that that could be close to what it could be.
You never know on the last couple holes coming down the stretch. There's some good holes, and so you just never know.

Q. A while back, you said your shoulder was so bad, you couldn't pull the bow back ..

Oh, yes, I got the bow ready but I don't shoot turkeys with it.

Q. Does this course suit your game?

Maybe for down here but where I live, this is just like the one we kind of grew up on. You've got to shape everything which is kind of right up my alley, which is the first time I've played good here. I missed the cut here I think the last five times. I've always struggled with the greens and just always had a rough time here with the putting.

Me and my coach, Scott, we got to working a little bit and we are starting to add a little more break than what I normally see. So when I start to add a little more break, I start seeing the putts fall, and when I see the putts fall, I get to figuring out how the lines work.

Q. So this course does suit your game?

It does. It's a ball striker's course, especially with the wind. If the wind is blowing, you've got to hit it solid to carry a lot of these shots and get it on the greens where you want it.

Q. What do you think you'll do for the next three hours?

I don't know. Ain't got a clue yet. You asking me on a date? (Laughter).

Q. Tell everybody what you were going to do this afternoon?

I was going to go catch me some bass in Orlando, but that's fine, I'll wait around.

Q. Do you think 8 under is enough?

If the wind stays like it is, it's close. I know the par 5s are reachable, so it's going to be close.

Q. Did you see this coming out of you today?

No, sir. Not at all. I've been hitting it okay, but now I finally got it all together at one time and started making some putts. It felt good today, actually see it and believe it. Like I've seen a lot of shots that I actually visualized before I even pulled a trigger on it. It was impressive.

Q. The surgery on the shoulder?

I had a little bit of stuff cut out. It was all good, though.

Q. And how long was the recovery?

About three months. It wasn't long.

Q. And how long after that before you were able to hit balls with reckless abandon like you do now?

I don't know, I just about three months, just goofed off, chipped and putted a little bit. Then felt like I was ready to go and I started hitting again.

Q. How big of a relief to get the vindication of this week, today, to shoot the scores again and know obviously means you're working on the right stuff?

I think I'm more happy right now to be honest with you that I made the cut here. It's been such a long time and this golf course has been giving me fits. To finally make the cut and get myself up in contention felt good.

Q. As far as the rest of your swing and all , that do you feel like you're playing Boo Weekley golf again?

I'm getting there. I'm close. I mean, maybe, you know, a couple more showings to get myself believing even more, and then be back, maybe trying that Ryder Cup out again, you never know.

Q. When is the last time you felt this good with your swing?

Probably about the beginning of '08, or about '09.

Q. That long?

Yeah. Like see shots and know that I can hit the shots, it's probably about the middle of 096789.


I was playing good then. I think I was in like ninth place or sixth place, something like that, when I tore it up. But it's going to be fun now for the rest of the year. I've got a new caddie, Barry Williams, which is usually he usually caddies for Blake Adams but Blake had to have hip surgery so he filled in for me and we jiving out here right now, singing songs going down the fairway. We are always making something up.

Q. So it's fun again?

It's fun again. The last three weeks has been the funnest golf I've had in the last three years since he's been on the bag.

Q. You mentioned you had minus four in mind what you began the day, you got to mines four after ten holes, was it at that point you thought this could be a special round?

This could be something. I felt like I was hitting it on the lines, like I said, just had to get the putter to stay where it was, and to stay confident with it. And it did.

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