Tampa Bay Championship interview: Brian Harman

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March 15, 2013

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Q. With conditions more benign, disappointed that you didn't get more out of it?

Yeah, I was playing really well but this golf course, just got to stay so patient out there. I just missed in a couple bad spots, and I paid for it.

Q. In position heading into the weekend, what's the approach?

Just to play the golf course the way its meant to be played and see what it gets me.

Q. Bogey on the final hole but played solidly.

Yeah, I put myself into contention for the weekend and that's all you can hope for the first two days.

Q. What happened there on 18? I know it was a lengthy putt?

Actually hit a great shot. I missed it left off the tee and it got a bad break and went left. Was able to advance it to the front of the green. That green is just so tough; if I got it anywhere past the hole it's going to go off the green. So almost kind of like a lay‑up unfortunately. But just got to take your medicine sometimes.

Q. You and your buddy, Harris, tied at 5‑under par; is that any more incentive to either of you?

I don't think so. He wants to win just as bad as I do. He wishes me well just like I wish him well. Hopefully we'll get paired together tomorrow, that will be fun.

Q. How did the golf course play today compared to yesterday?

It was a little easier than yesterday. Wind is down and pins are in some pretty good places. But it's starting to firm up, fairways are getting firm. Obviously have not cut the rough and the greens are starting to get very firm. It's going to be really interesting this weekend. The weather plays a huge deal; it's an outside game, so the weather conditions outside are going to affect you. Obviously I wish the win would have kept blowing. I wish the wind would have just kept blowing the whole week. But it looks like it's going to die and it's going to be really calm this weekend.

Q. Surprised 6‑under has the lead?

No, it's a hard golf course, I'm not surprised at all.

Q. A little off‑topic, 16 is set up for veterans, military members, what do you think of that hole?

I think it's awesome. I always make sure to take my hat off and shake their hands. Can't thank those guys enough for what they do for us. We are all obviously very grateful and anything we can do to make them feel our gratefulness is really special and something that's really special to me and I'm glad to see this tournament is taking part in it.

Q. Talk about you and Harris and the relationship, going back, probably met before Georgia?

Yeah, I've known Harris since he was about 11. Him and I played together in the Southeastern Junior Golf Tour. Back then he was short and fat, and now he's not. (Laughing) Try to dig up some pictures of him back then.

Q. So then you roomed one year at Georgia?

Yeah, we roomed together for a year at Georgia. I was a senior and he was a sophomore. Good times followed.

Q. Since then you guys just lived closer in Sea Island, but you never roomed together after?

Yeah, we travel to almost all the same tournaments, so we spend a lot of time together. He's my best bud, and, yeah, man, lucky.

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