What they said: Charles Howell III

October 11, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Nice round of golf. Really solid opening nine.

CHARLES HOWELL III: Thank you. I had a nice group today with Rory and Brian, and both those guys played good as well. We fed off each other a bit.

I got hot with the putter on the first nine holes, so made a few birdies there. It was a good day.

Q. Looks like the greens are on the firm side. Some putts going by the cup and some balls bouncing into the greens??

CHARLES HOWELL III: It's weird because it's a bit overcast and damp, but we're getting big first bounce. After that it stops. But, yeah, you're right. The first bounce is surprisingly big on some holes.

Q. What a sweet get, that two you rolled home at 16 as well.

CHARLES HOWELL III: That was nice. I let a birdie get away from me on 15. To make a two on 16 was nice.

Yeah, you know, I'm really happy. I played well. The golf course can get you in some spots, so I'll take it.

Q. I think you're 94 for the Money List coming into the Fall Series. Everyone is playing for something. I know you're playing for a win.

CHARLES HOWELL III: Yeah, it's been a long year. But, you know, I mean, I played last week in Vegas. I'm going to play the entire Fall Series. This is a wonderful spot here.

You're right, everybody has something to play for. I think a win for everybody would make the year, but we'll take what we get.

Q. How do you feel about your game right now? I know the last couple weeks you weren't quite on top of it.

CHARLES HOWELL III: My game has actually been good. I had four weeks off prior to Las Vegas last week and then played okay there. My game has been good. It's been better than results have been showing, but I'm sure a lot of people can say that.

I don't know what the thing is that flips the switch either. It's part of what makes it golf.

Q. You start the year with a second?place finish. Are you thinking that it's going to be a nice year and it just never really got going after that?

CHARLES HOWELL III: Yeah, I mean, I guess you could say. I mean, that's seems like eons ago, the beginning of the year. Yeah, it's just the nature of the game unfortunately.

Sometimes it's hard to say what makes it go one way versus the other. I really don't know.

Q. Just any key to that front nine stretch, I think it was five birdies in six holes there.

CHARLES HOWELL III: You know, I gave myself some chances, but most importantly, I actually holed some putts. My putting hasn't been well this year, but it was nice today.

I guess a good shot is only as good as a good putt. Yeah, just holing a few putts was nice.