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      River Run CC

      Course Par Value: 72 • Course Yardage: 7321

      River Run Country Club, located in historic Davidson, NC, is home to one of the finest golf courses in the Southeast. Designed to complement its natural setting, River Run weaves through a landscape of lakes, rolling hills, the Rocky River and centuries-old forests. Designed by Robert Walker, the 18-hole Championship course has hosted many prestigious Amateur and Professional Tournaments. In 2012, River Run became one of the first courses in the Charlotte area to make the transition to Bermuda greens, converting from bentgrass to Champion Ultradwarf Bermuda. The greens are among the best conditioned in the area, providing River Run's members, and their guests, with immaculate putting surfaces. In addition to the greens conversion, all of River Run's bunkers were re-designed and re-built by Kris Spence, one of the most renowned Golf Course Architects in the country. All of these improvements helped to take what was already one of the top rated golf courses in the Carolinas to an even higher level. For more information about River Run Country Club, Click Here.

      1 4 407 The first hole is a straightforward and short par 4 measuring 407 yards from the Championship tees. Water runs down the left side of the hole and a creek protects the front of the green. The player's best choice is to play the tee shot with a fairway wood down the right center of the fairway, leaving a short iron to the middle of the green.
      2 5 527 The second hole plays as a par 5 for the membership but will be played as a long dogleg right par 4 measuring 509 yards. The hole plays a little uphill, and is protected on the right hand side by a mound and a series of strategically placed bunkers. A cross bunker protects the right side of the fairway in the lay-up zone. Greenside bunkers protect the top left tier, and front right edge of this three-tiered green. A ball on the wrong tier makes a two-putt rather demanding.
      3 4 416 The third hole is a challenging 416-yard par 4 from the Championship tees. The ideal tee shot is to the left center of the fairway, coming to rest on the flat top of the fairway just before the fairway slopes severely down into a swale. The approach should be anywhere from 180 yards down to 150 yards to the green. The green is three-tiered with the middle right tier lower than the front and upper tiers.
      4 3 163 This downhill par 3 is the easiest hole on the golf course. It plays 163 yards from the Championship tees. The green is protected with bunkers on the front right and front left edges and a back bunker to capture shots hit too far. This hole should provide the player with a good scoring opportunity.
      5 4 461 This challenging par 4 measures 461 yards from the Championship tees. The landing area in the fairway is quite generous, but if you hit your tee ball to the left, you may find yourself in the fairway bunker looking at a difficult approach shot. Tee balls played down the right side will require you to carry a pond that protects the green on the right side. This green is also well-protected with bunkers toward the back left.
      6 5 537 This short par 5 is 537 yards from the Championship tees and can be reached in two, provided the player's tee shot finds the fairway. The approach shot is to an elevated green, which is guarded by one very deep bunker on the front right of the green, and smaller bunkers to the left and the rear of the green. Those players who do not reach this green in two must carry a creek that crosses the fairway at about 150 yards from the green. This may leave their lay-up shot with the ball below their feet, hitting still to an elevated green. Once the player reaches the green, the job is not done. This green is split into three different levels, and it can be very difficult to judge the correct speed when having to putt from one level to the next.
      7 4 455 This par 4 measures 455 yards from the Championship tees. Even without any sand bunkers, this is a very difficult hole requiring an accurate tee shot, but also correct distance. There is a pond down the right-hand side of the fairway that is equal to the landing area. Out-of-bounds markers and a lateral water hazard run down the left-hand side of the fairway. A good tee shot will leave the player about 160 yards from the green. The player then must carry a creek fronting a green that is subtly undulating.
      8 3 215 This hole plays 215 yards from the Championship tees and features a lateral water hazard that runs down the left side of the hole. The narrowly framed green is well-bunkered on the left.
      9 4 456 From the Championship tee, the par 4 ninth measures 456 yards. It calls for a tee shot placed in the right side of the fairway, yet avoiding the fairway bunker which guards this side. A medium iron approach must avoid the two bunkers surrounding the green and must come to rest on the correct tier of the green. The tiered green puts a premium on being on the proper level.
      10 4 428 Number ten is an uphill deceptively long dogleg left par 4 hole playing 428 yards from the Championship tees. A good drive will avoid the bunker on the left side of the fairway and leave a short iron for the approach shot to a two-tiered green that is protected by bunkers on the front right and back left.
      11 4 388 Number eleven is a short hole playing 388 yards from the Championship tees. Big hitters may wish to attack this hole by hitting their tee shot over the tall pine trees guarding the corner on this dogleg right par 4 but many will find laying-up to the corner a better play. A lay-up will leave a short iron into a green that is blind from the fairway and guarded by a series of bunkers up-front. The green is fairly generous, but runs away from the player.
      12 5 579 This par 5 is the longest hole on the course, measuring 579 yards from the Championship tees. The tee shot must be played down the left side of the fairway, due to the slope from left to right. The approach shot can be tricky. The closer you get to the green, the more of a downhill slope you may find. Laying back to approximately 150 yards will leave you with a flat lie at the top of the hill, but this can be rather difficult with the green severely below the player and protected by a pond on the left. This green is long and narrow hugging the water left, consisting of two tiers running through the middle of the green.
      13 4 434 This is a great par 4 that plays from left to right 434 yards from the Championship tees. The tee shot needs to favor the left side of the fairway to stay out of the creek that runs from the left of the green, parallels the fairway near the landing area, and turns to the right into the woods. Approaching the green from the left side of the fairview provides the player with the best angle to this two-tiered green. Again, putting on this hole can be rather challenging when going from one tier to the next.
      14 3 177 This par 3 hole plays 177 yards from the Championship tees. This tee shot is slightly uphill with bunkers protecting the green on the front left and back center. The distinctive tiering of this green places a premium on the accurate tee ball.
      15 4 440 This is the beginning of four strong finishing holes. Number fifteen plays downhill 440 yards from the Championship tees and is a dogleg left with a pond that is reachable from the tee but blind. A bunker sits to the right of the fairway to help frame the hole for your tee shot. The second shot is very difficult due to the golf ball hanging above your feet as you're trying to approach a green protected by two bunkers on the left.
      16 4 460 This difficult par 4 measures 460 yards from the Championship tees. The tee shot must be struck solidly and preferably with a draw to get into position for the uphill approach shot to this well-bunkered green. Two shelves of five bunkers provide significant protection to this elevated green.
      17 3 230 This challenging downhill par 3 plays 230 yards from the Championship tees into the prevailing breeze. The tee shot requires a long iron or fairway wood to a green guarded by bunkers front right and back left. The green complex is undulating and challenging, comprised of two distinct tiers running horizontally across the green.
      18 5 548 This is a great risk/reward hole--a par 5 that measures 548 yards from the Championship tees. If the tee shot is played down the right side of the fairway and avoids the well-placed bunker and the water, the player is presented with a reasonable opportunity to approach the green over a large pond in two. Otherwise, the smart play is to lay-up to about 100 yards to 125 yards, leaving a wedge or sand wedge to a large, undulating green with three tiers. Back pins are especially difficult as the third tier runs away from the player.