Three-win Nationwide Tour promotions to the PGA TOUR

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May 19, 2009
PGA TOUR staff

In August, 1997, the Nationwide Tour introduced the "three-win promotion" to the PGA TOUR. That means any player who wins three times in a single season on the Nationwide Tour earns immediate access to the PGA TOUR for the rest of that year as well as the following year.

  Player Promoted Three wins
Chris Smith Aug. 10, 1997 1. Upstate Classic
2. Dakota Dunes Open
3. Omaha Classic
Heath Slocum Aug. 5, 2001 1. Greater Cleveland Open
2. Knoxville Open
3. Omaha Classic
Chad Campbell Oct. 7, 2001 1. Richmond Open
2. Permian Basic Open
3. Monterey Peninsula Classic
Pat Bates Oct. 28, 2001 1. Siouxland Open
2. Shreveport Open
3. Tour Championship
Patrick Moore Oct. 27, 2002 1. Richmond Open
2. Lake Erie Charity Classic
3. Tour Championship
Tom Carter Aug. 31, 2003 1. Samsung Canadian PGA Championship
2. Price Cutter Charity Championship
3. Alberta Calgary Classic
Jason Gore Aug. 7, 2005 1. National Mining Association Pete Dye Classic
2. Scholarship America Showdown
3. Cox Classic
Nick Flanagan Aug. 19, 2007 1. Henrico Country Open
2. BMW Charity Pro-Am at The Cliffs
3. Xerox Classic
Michael Sim Aug. 23, 2009 1. Stonebrae Classic
2. BMW Charity Pro-Am
3. Christmas In October Presented by Kansas City Crusaders

Eight players have earned TOUR cards via the three-win promotion. Michael Sim became the ninth player to earn a three-win promotion in 2009.

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