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The Memorial Tournament ... helping the youth of Ohio

Youth is being served in Central Ohio -- and points beyond

To that commendable enterprise, the Memorial Tournament is a regular and enthusiastic contributor.

Each year, a portion of the proceeds from the Tournament is passed on to Central Ohio charities, principally Nationwide Children's Hospital and Dispatch Charities. The total contribution has passed $4.2 million with over $2.7 million going to Nationwide Children's Hospital.

By its name alone, Nationwide Children's Hospital states its purpose and by its ministry it is known nationally and loved universally.

Nationwide Children's Hospital is thought of as a Columbus institution, but its facilities also serve youngsters from most of Ohio. Last year, patients came from 80 of the state's 88 counties. Over 2,500 volunteers, with approximately 1,900 from Children's Hospital, help to make The Memorial Tournament a successful and enjoyable event for everyone.

Nationwide Children's Hospital provides its services without regard to race, creed or the financial status of a child's parents. No child is turned away.

Dispatch Charities is less recognized, but its cause is equally noble and beneficial to the community. Founded in 1937, the charity provides financial support to "organizations dedicated to fostering the physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being of the youth of Franklin County and Central Ohio."

Dispatch Charities lists three general areas of interest: education, youth skills development and community service health care. These are just the general categories with many charitable organizations receiving financial aid from our resources.