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Hospitality and Entertainment

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Daily Grounds Tickets

  • THURSDAY. Nov 14, 2013- First Round Competition - $10 USD
  • FRIDAY. Nov 15, 2013- Second Round Competition - $10 USD
  • SATURDAY. Nov 16, 2013- Third Round Competition - $10 USD
  • SUNDAY. Nov 17, 2013- Final Round Competition - $10 USD

Weekly Grounds Tickets



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El Camino Hospitality

El Camino offers a unique viewing experience which features three (3) hospitality venues in key locations around the tournament course: the 10th green, the signature 15th green and the 17th green. An El Camino membership grants access to each of the three venues allowing spectators to follow a full day of PGA TOUR action.

El Camino Membership Includes:

  • Credentialed access to the tournament grounds and three (3) unique venues around the course from which to view the PGA TOUR competition (10th green, 15th green, 17th green)
  • Complimentary food and beverage service in the El Camino venues: Snack service and Hosted Bar

Single Day El Camino Membership: $75 USD

Weekly El Camino Membership: $275 USD

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Fiesta Club Hospitality

The Fiesta Club offers a fun-filled environment right on top of the action at the competition's final hole. This hospitality venue will host a select group of guests, providing individuals with a premier spectator experience. Complete food and beverage service adds to the atmosphere and ensures that guests will not leave unsatisfied.

The Fiesta Club Membership Includes:

  • Credentialed access to the tournament grounds, three popular El Camino venues and the exclusive Fiesta Club
  • Complimentary food and beverage service in the Fiesta Club & El Camino venues: Lunch Service, Snack Service, and Hosted Bar

Single Day Fiesta Club Membership: $150 USD

Individual Weekly Fiesta Club Membership: $550 USD