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Corporate Hospitality

Private Hospitality

If your business is interested in purchasing one of the corporate sponsorship packages listed below, please call the Byron Nelson Championship at (214) 943-9700.

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Patio Villa

Take in all the action on the 18th green from the patio.

Price: $37,500

  • Location: 18
  • Tickets:107 daily venue
  • Parking: 7 preferred

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Balcony Villas

Take in all the action inside or from the balcony.

  • Price: $33,000 Private
  • Price: $16,000 Shared
  • Location: 18
  • Tickets: 40 private daily venue and 20 shared
  • Parking: 7 preferred private and 5 preferred shared

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Poolside Villa

Perfect setting for private entertaining and meetings with clients.

Price: $10,000

  • Location: 18
  • Tickets: 52 daily venue
  • Parking: 4 preferred

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Air-conditioned skyboxes with private golf viewing.

  • Price: $36,000
  • Location: 17 Tee, 16 and 17 Green
  • Tickets: 56 daily venue
  • Parking: 12 preferred

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Each corporate venue ticket includes a public parking pass.

All shared and private hospitality packages include a sponsor gift.

Shared Hospitality

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Signature Suites on No. 17

ALL INCLUSIVE open air suite with a lively atmosphere overlooking the green.

  • Price: $44,500
  • Location: 17
  • Tickets: 44 daily venue
  • Parking: 12 preferred

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Chairman's Guest

ALL-INCLUSIVE open air suite with a lively atmosphere overlooking the green.

  • Price: $4,400
  • Location: 17
  • Tickets: 4 daily venue + 20 any day tickets
  • Parking: 2 preferred

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Platinum Club Villas on 18

NEW location on No. 18. Enjoy complimentary food, beer and wine in this shared villa with a fabulous view of the 18th green.

Price: $14,000

  • Location: No. 18
  • Tickets: 18 daily venue
  • Parking: 5 preferred

More information on Platinum Club

Showcase Your Company

Official Sponsorships

Become an Official Sponsor of the Byron Nelson Championship to feature your brand prominently. The designation of "official" grants the sponsor category exclusivity, restricting the sponsor's competitors from brand visibility. Official Sponsors receive recognition in Championship publications.

Presenting Sponsorships

Associate your brand with a Championship event or a specific area on the TPC by becoming a Presenting Sponsor. Presenting Sponsorships are limited to one per event or location on course. Sponsors are recognized in Championship publications.

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Display Booth

Showcase and sell your products and services along the main entrance to over 250,000 spectators.

  • Call 214.943.9700 for details and pricing.

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Championship Program

  • Full color display acknowledgements
  • Significant exposure to leading corporations, influential decison makers and affluent golf fans.


  • Price: $1,600
  • Tickets: 12 any day


    • Rate: $2,600
    • Tickets: 24 any day


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Video Boards

30-second spots on 3 video boards around the course throughout the run of the tournament.

  • Call 214.943.9700 for details and pricing.

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Ticket Explanation

Daily Venue= Admission into specified hospitality venue on day that is printed on the ticket.

Gold= Gold credentials allow access to daily lunch in the Verandah and Clubhouse venues on 17 green and 18 green.