What they said: Kirk Triplett

July 08, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Talk about the round. Eight birdies today. Things were going pretty well for you.

KIRK TRIPLETT: Well, yeah. I was hitting plenty of good shots. I hit a few bad ones, too, but you know, the golf course is in perfect shape, you know, not much wind. Lots of guys are shooting low scores. I don't see a change in which over the week. I mean I'm 9-under and already I think four or five back, and guys are still playing.

Q. Do you feel good where you're at, though, to be at the top of the leaderboard there??

KIRK TRIPLETT: Well, yeah. For me I'm the last guy in the field this week and thrilled just to get a chance to play, so I'm very happy to get some rounds under par and hopefully go out and try and catch lightning in a bottle on the weekend.

Q. Talk about what was working for you out there.

KIRK TRIPLETT: Well, a little bit of everything. Keeping the ball in play. You know, I have a lot of experience here at this course. I've played here a dozen times or so, and you know, I kind of know the holes and the pins you can attack, so when I had a good fit, I was able to hit good shots and capitalize by making some putts. Greens were really smooth. I was second group out. You don't have any excuses for missing. You know, the ball is rolling where you hit it.

Q. What is it with you and this course? You've been able to put up some good numbers here.

KIRK TRIPLETT: Yeah. I've shot some good scores here. This course fits my eye, I think. It's tight in spots and open in other spots and has some elevation change. I've seen it under a bunch of different conditions, maybe more so than some guys, but you know, I've put up some bad numbers, too. You don't have to look very far back in the record book for that.

Q. But you've also had some troubles following up a couple of years where you've had good first two rounds.


Q. Talk about the weekend and what you have to do from here on out??

KIRK TRIPLETT: Well, I think you just have to keep the gas pedal down. It's not the kind of course where you go out and get to ten under and wait around and think a couple even pars are going to win the tournament for you.

I remember even from the first year, very first year we played here I was in a playoff, and you just had to keep making birdies.

Q. Is that getting harder to do at this stage of your career??

KIRK TRIPLETT: You can say it.

Q. You're only as old as I am. Come on. I'm not going to call you old.

KIRK TRIPLETT: I don't know. You know, I'm not out here week in and week out so I don't have that same, you know, firing on all cylinders all the time. I'm always kind of, you know, wondering what's going to happen next kind of deal instead of, okay, we'll get after it this week and then see what happens next week, because quite often I'm not playing the following week. So you know, the last couple years have been difficult from that standpoint, but I'm glad I shot a good round and going to try and enjoy it.

Q. Can you describe a couple early shots or a couple early birdies that got you going??

KIRK TRIPLETT: Well, I got off to a good start. I hit a real nice sand wedge into No. 1 about 10 feet away and made a birdie, and then 2 I just missed hitting a good drive, hit it in that fairway bunker, had to lay it up, you know, in what is a lot of times a really easy birdie hole. Was able to knock another sand wedge in there 10 feet and make a birdie putt.

Hit two nice shots on No. 4, made a nice 15-footer. So I just felt real comfortable and like I was hitting enough good shots that if I didn't do dumb things and just tried to keep hitting good shots I knew I was going to hit more good ones than bad ones.

Q. You had a stretch of three one-putts on the back nine; is that right??

KIRK TRIPLETT: I chipped in on 15 and then hit a nice shot on 16, made birdie. Then I three-putted 17. But had two good ones on 18 and had another good shot at it. So I'm looking forward to the weekend.

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