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2015 Tickets - #BostonBound

June 9 - 14, 2015
Belmont Country Club, Belmont, MA


Tuesday --- $20
Wednesday --- $20
Thursday --- $40
Friday --- $40
Saturday --- $40
Sunday --- $40

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Weekly Grounds Ticket --- $90

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Complimentary Admission for Spectators 18 and under

Up to four children, ages 18 and under, are admitted free of charge with every one paid adult. This applies to grounds access only.

Prohibited Items/Mobile Device Policy

- Mobile devices must be in silent or vibrate mode at all times.
- Use of mobile devices is permitted in areas that are away from play.
- Please refrain from using mobile devices around tees, fairways or greens.
- Data use (texting, email, internet) is NOT permitted when players are in position to compete. - Still photography is permitted ONLY during the Pro-Am round on Wednesday. Still photography IS NOT permitted on Competition round days (Thursday through Sunday).
- No audio or video capture is permitted at any time.
- Violators of the mobile device policy will be warned and/or may have their device confiscated.

In an effort to create the best environment for the competition and for the comfort and safety of the players, spectators, volunteers and staff, please note the restrictions below regarding items that are not permitted onto the Championship grounds. Please avoid any inconvenience by leaving these items at home or in your vehicle. Prohibited items must be returned to your vehicle. Please be prepared to submit yourself or your personal items to inspection. For more information, please click here.

- No bags, backpacks or purses larger than approximately six inches by six inches by six inches. (6x6x6)
- Small folding chairs ARE permitted, but NO chair BAGS or CASES.
- No cameras or video cameras during the Competition Rounds Thursday through Sunday. Cameras ARE permitted during the Practice and Pro-Am Rounds on Tuesday and Wednesday only.
- Mobile devices (cell phones) are permitted but must be kept on silent/vibrate mode and may only be utilized in designated areas away from play. Please see below for more information on the mobile device policy.
- No radios, TVs, periscopes, signs, posters, banners or step ladders.
- No firearms or knives.
- No beverages or alcoholic beverages are permitted onto the grounds. They must be purchased on-site