What they said: Corey Pavin

July 31, 2011
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Did it feel more like a U.S. Open venue today??

COREY PAVIN: Yeah, it did a little bit. I think the greens were a little bit firmer and they picked up a little bit of speed, which actually made it easier for me to putt. Maybe a lot of people have been saying that, but I was having a hard time getting the ball to the hole and getting a good feel for the greens. And today a felt a lot more comfortable on the greens. It just felt like it was more the proper speed anyway.

Q. The breeze picked up a little bit; that probably added a little more difficulty??

COREY PAVIN: The wind? You know, a little bit, but it was such a light breeze, it wasn't a big deal. Actually it felt good more than anything else because it was so warm out.

Q. That closing stretch just seems to really get everybody. Can you talk about that??

COREY PAVIN: It's tough. I think 12 is not playing easy today, but 13 and 14 is just kind of an awkward hole. You know, 15 is a pretty solid par-3 and 16 is very hard and 17 is a tough driving hole, good hole there, and 18 is very tricky. So they're really good finishing holes. You're not going to see a lot of movement in the birdie direction.

Q. 2, 3, 4 and 9, and then on 10 it just kind of got deflating??

COREY PAVIN: Yeah, well, I don't know if deflating is the right word, but disappointing along with angry and things like that. You know, I was mad at myself because I didn't hit the best tee shot. But where I was certainly didn't warrant the shot I hit. I hit a bad shot there. I just eased through it a little bit, and I should have just gone ahead and hit it, and if it went over the green it was no big deal. It was just kind of a mental mistake more than anything else.

The other holes are hard holes I made bogeys on. I actually made a good bogey on 14. But they're hard holes and I just played them as hard as I could.

10 definitely hurt, no doubt about it.

Q. Could you see a U.S. Open, a PGA Championship or a Ryder Cup on this golf course down the road??

COREY PAVIN: You know, I think it would be tricky. I think I'm all for playing courses that are not 7,500 yards. I think if they can add a little bit of length here and there, not a lot but just a little bit, I think it could. Length is certainly not the answer to making golf courses harder, it's certainly not the only answer.

But the course this week, the rough was not very difficult. I'd say it wasn't the old standard of U.S. Open type rough, and I think it made it easier to play, and I think with the greens firm, it was the right amount of rough, but the greens weren't firm, and you can't control Mother Nature. It definitely could have been more penal off the fairways and you would have seen higher scores.

Q. If you had graduated rough, you sort of take the chance if you have a soft week that it's not as penal as it would have been in the old days, even with soft greens??

COREY PAVIN: Yeah, I guess you can argue that. You can argue the other way, too. But it's just -- and I'm all for whatever the weather does is what it does, and that's what the scoring is. I'm all for that.

I think when we're playing the Open Championship, that's what it's like over there. If you have bad weather the scoring is going to be high, and if you have good weather it's going to be low. I'm not against low scoring or anything, but usually over here for a U.S. Open or a USGA event, the weather is going to probably be pretty good.

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